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    Bird Seed

  • Mixed Bird Seed, 2 lbs.
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    Giving someone a bird feeder? Why not include some birdseed with their gift? Our 2-pound bag of birdseed contains a mixture of six types of seed, and is a good choice to accompany any type of bird feeder designed for mixed birdseed.

  • Birdfeeding Station
    More Details Create a high-rise haven for the birds! With this sturdy four-arm stand you can offer a buffet of different foods. Consolidating feeders on a single station makes them more convenient to refill, too. The station comes in sections and stands over 8-1/2 feet tall; remove a section if you prefer it shorter. Also includes a birdbath and a feeding tray for seed, fruit or mealworms (a bluebird favorite), plus an extra hanging arm. A spiral ...
  • Songbird Tweets® Sunflower Wreath
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    A whopping 3 pounds of golden millet, sunflower seeds and hearts go into this impressive seed cake — making for a spectacular and long-lasting treat for overwintering birds. Arrives ready to hang on an integrated natural jute loop. Moisture sensitive: hang in a protected area for best results.

  • Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle
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    Install this cone-shaped baffle underneath your pole-mounted bird feeder to prevent squirrels from climbing up to eat the seed. The simple, wrap-around design and included mounting coupler lets you install it without needing to remove the feeder. It's a simple, effective and unobtrusive way to let birds dine in peace.

  • Bird Seed Gift Bag
    More Details The Scandinavian saying on the cotton bag offers the key to good luck in the new year: "It is a Scandinavian Tradition to feed the birds on Christmas Day to ensure Good Luck in the year ahead. Spread birdseed on your doorstep Christmas morning for Luck in the New Year." The bag is filled with two pounds of mixed birdseed. It's a thoughtful gift on its own and a nice add-on to accompany a gift ...
  • Songbird Tweets® Cupcakes
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    Here's proof that desert can be nutritious! Each tempting solid-seed "cupcake" serves up a veritable banquet of birds' favorites, including undyed safflower, pecans, peanuts, black oil sunflower seeds, golden raisins, papaya, apple and cranberries.The set of four 3-1/2" cupcakes arrives in a charming bakery-style gift box, ready to delight the bird lovers on your list.

  • Birds Choice Suet Variety Pack, Set of 4
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    This no-melt suet is easy to use, just remove from the package and insert into your suet feeder. Attract a beautiful array of birds with this set of suet cakes (1 of each flavor).

  • Birds Choice Hot Pepper Suet Nuggets, 5 lbs.
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    This 5-pound bag of suet nuggets gives birds the energy and calories they need to forage, nest and migrate -- yet the hot pepper in the mix will discourage squirrels from eating it.

  • Birds Choice Peanut Suet Nuggets, 5 lbs.
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    This 5-pound bag of peanut suet nuggets gives birds the energy and calories they need to forage, nest and migrate. Attracts woodpeckers, jays, nuthatches, chickadees and other songbirds.

  • Butterfly Weed
    More Details Butterfly Weed kicks off summer with a bang. When the weather starts to heat up, the show begins—masses of cheerful, tangerine-orange blossoms open in starry sprays. The blooms will attract monarchs, fritillaries, and other lovely butterflies into your yard, so plant this flower near your favorite summer sitting area, and you’ll be able to watch them flit from flower to flower while you relax on your deck, porch, or patio. When the blooms fade, a ...
  • Birdseed Owls, Set of 3
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    Delight your favorite birds — and bird-lovers — with adorable owls that are ready to hang from a branch or birdfeeding station. Set of three solid-seed owls, each crafted from a different type of birdseed, all with friendly faces made from dried fruit. They arrive nestled in a box ready for giving.

  • Birds Choice Woodpecker Sandwich Suet Feeder with Spreadable Suet
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    These heavy-duty bark panels are a great way to provide woodpeckers with spreadable suet. Woodpeckers have long tongues that can eat from this feeder while other birds cannot access the suet within the panels. Patented poly-resin design to accommodate a woodpecker's tongue and bill while deterring other pests. I Includes a 1.31 lb jar of easy-to-use Choice Nutty Spreadable Suet..