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    • storm blue color swatch
    • wheat color swatch could also be called yellow or tan
    • Demeter Potting Bench Fog Gray
    • 3 colors available
    • Dirty Little Digger™ Blue
    • Dirty Little Digger™ Green
    • Dirty Little Digger™ Yellow
    • Dirty Little Digger™ Pink
    • 4 colors available
    • Demeter Duo Table Fog Gray
    • Demeter Duo Table Storm Blue
    • 2 colors available
    $179.00 $99.99
    • Garden Scoop and Tool Set Anthracite
    • Garden Scoop and Tool Set Green
    • 2 colors available
Get a jump on the growing season. Starting seeds is fun and rewarding, and it's easy when you have the right equipment.


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