How to Request a Donation

We have reached our 2023 grant and donation limit. Please check back next year!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your donation policy?
We are an employee-owned company that gives 8% of our annual profits to organizations supporting gardening, sustainable agriculture, environmental, and food- and hunger-related issues.

What national organizations do you support?, the American Community Gardening Association, the Green Education Foundation, and Ample Harvest are a few of the major groups we underwrite with cash and products.

Do you offer grants to gardening organizations and/or projects?
We work closely with our national nonprofit partners to provide financial support and products for gardening organizations, environmental concerns, and efforts to fight hunger.

How does a Vermont nonprofit apply for a donation or sponsorship from Gardener's Supply?
We do not generally provide cash sponsorship for events outside our current Vermont partners, which include the Intervale Center, Vermont Community Garden Network, and the Flynn Center.

What kind of help is available for youth, school, or community gardens?
We support kids' gardening through the Green Thumb Challenge at Green Education Foundation. We support community gardens through the American Community Gardening Association.

Do you offer a discount to nonprofits?
We have a special discount program of up to 25 percent for eligible nonprofits. Call (888) 511-2132 to find out if your organization qualifies or see our commercial accounts page.

Last updated: 06/21/2023