We founded our company on the premise that gardens change lives. They nourish the body, elevate the spirit, and build community. More than ever, after a year of incredible suffering and hardship caused by Covid-19, the world needs more gardens. So we're doubling down on our efforts, by pledging more donation dollars and volunteer hours, to do exactly that.

More than ever, the world needs more gardens
Gardening Nourishes the Body
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Gardening Elevates the Spirit
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Gardening Builds Community
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Join the Effort

Many hands make light work — join us in our mission to create more gardens this year! There are lots of ways to get involved, from donating your extra produce, to volunteering in a community garden or making a donation to one of our incredible partners.

Changing Lives Together
More Gardens, More Food

How is it that in one of the world's wealthiest nations, 35 million people struggle with food security? According to feedingamerica.org, food banks saw a 60% surge in clients in 2020 — that adds up to 4.2 billion meals from March to October. If we create more gardens and share more of their bounty, we can stamp out hunger and malnutrition.

Broader Access, Stronger Communities

Creating more gardens is just part of the puzzle. Getting people into those gardens, and building their confidence as gardeners is another. So we're excited to be partnering with organizations who are making gardening, gardening education, and fresh, healthy food available through school programs, community gardens, and food banks.

Pilot Program Locations
New England Locations
Gardener's Supply Campuses

With deep roots in four communities in three states, Gardener's Supply will be focusing our initial employee-owner volunteer efforts in the communities that have supported us the most.

Austin TX
Sister City: Austin, TX

To make the greatest possible impact in our first year, we've selected Austin as our sister city. Her gardens have long provided our signature products a glorious backdrop, it's where we've built strong community relationships and where there is a high level of food insecurity.

Featured Partners
Kids Gardening Adlucent Intervale Center American Community Gardening Association