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Meet a Gardener

We're proud to be part of an incredible community of gardeners. Our employee-owners, garden testers, customers, and partners are also critical to our story and our success. We'd like to introduce you to some of them!

Creative Solutions Keep Senior Gardeners Active

Long-time gardener Toni Gattone's back injury helped her discover a new passion and career: adaptive gardening. Learn about how this author and speaker helps seniors get things done in the garden safely, comfortably, and most of all, joyfully, through adaptive gardening. (Photo:

From Self-Taught Gardener to Online Inspiration

In just nine years, Kevin Espiritu has gone from an absolute beginner gardener, trying his hand at cucumbers and basil, to a top online voice on growing everything from houseplants to edibles. Read about how Kevin experiments with plants and techniques in a limited gardening space, and inspires gardeners around the world via his Epic Gardening education platform.

Discovering a Love, Designing a Career

Kerry Ann Mendez started gardening on weekends when her full-time, office-job paycheck wasn't making ends meet. As a part-timer at a field-grown perennial garden center, she quickly discovered she loved gardening... so much that she created her own successful business, Perennially Yours. Meet Kerry and learn how she got started, how she gets big impact in small spaces, and why she's committed to environmentally conscious garden design.

Her Passion for Plants Grew into a Profession

From a teenage bedroom brimming with houseplants, to a city house with a garden as its front yard, to her current 6-acre gardens at her rural Wisconsin home, horticulturalist, national gardening media personality, and author Melinda Myers has always surrounded herself with plants. Learn how Melinda turned her passion for gardening into her profession, and why being in the garden brings her such satisfaction.

The Garden: A Place Where Everybody Can Meet

Surrounded by food and family, Charlie Nardozzi grew up on his Italian grandparents' multi-generational farm, where he developed a lifelong love of plants, animals, and the natural world. Today he shares his energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm for gardening as an in-demand writer, speaker, TV and radio personality, and garden tour leader. Read more to get Charlie's friendly take on how gardening connects us to nature and one another.

Elevated Beds Bring Maine Garden to New Heights

We got a kick out of the "Big Box of Fun!" headline in Patricia Zinkowski's review of our Eco-Stained Elevated Cedar Planter Box, and we were fortunate to have the chance to visit her in Maine. Patricia has a small farm with one alpaca, one horse, four goats, and a chicken. She grows vegetables, flowers, and medicinals in raised beds as well as four elevated planter boxes.

Inspiring Makeover from Lawn to Bountiful Garden

Watch this backyard makeover unfold as homeowner Carrie Bettencourt describes the transformation of a struggling patch of lawn into a lush, lovely, and bountiful kitchen garden with our CedarLast Raised Beds and Obelisk.

Social Media's Most-Watched Garden Personality

Laura LeBoutillier and her videographer/husband, Aaron, are the faces behind Garden Answer. With hundreds of engaging and informative gardening videos to their credit, Laura's internet following has surpassed 2 million. She reveals how she got her start along with her number one piece of advice to newbie gardeners in this interview.

Ian McKenna

Youth Gardener Grows Food for the Hungry

When Ian McKenna learned that some of his Austin classmates were missing meals, he jumped into action. He expanded his garden, began donating all his veggies, and spearheaded giving gardens in local schools. Learn more about his efforts and why we're partnering with him in feeding our neighbors.

Moon shows off her harvest in her garden in Westchester County, New York

Avid Gardener was Inspired by Her Mother

When her mom moved to a home that didn't have an outdoor space, Moon was prompted to start a garden of her own. Now one of our garden testers, she primarily grows veggies and herbs in raised beds. Take a tour of Moon's Westchester, NY, garden and get inspired!

Mike Nava in his raised bed garden in Southern California

GSC Rain Barrels Solve Firefighter's Water Problem

An avid and most excellent cook, Mike Nava is a customer who started growing potted herbs for his signature sauces and chilis. He's since expanded to vegetables of all sorts and is committed to earth-friendly practices and devices. Here, Mike shares plenty of tips as he guides us through his California garden.

Jerry waters his garden in Chicago

Novice Gardener Teaches Us About Challenges of Urban Growing

Urban gardening presents our customers with some very unique challenges. We visited Jerry in his Chicago patio garden to see what he's up against, as well as to help him gain greater confidence in his gardening adventures.

Last updated: 9/18/19

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