Flower Gardening

  • Netting Helps Clematis Climb
    Clematis use the stems of their leaves to climb. Find out how netting helps Clematis climb.
  • Weeding With a Broom
    🌿🧹 Tired of painful weeding? Switch to broom!
  • An Allium You Can Plant Anytime: Summer Beauty
    🌱🌷 Ready to add some color to your garden? Try planting an Allium anytime!
  • Spring Bulbs in Raised Beds
    Transform your raised beds into a colorful spring oasis 🌷🌼 Plant bulbs for easy and stunning blooms, and make the most of your garden space.
  • Cannas in the Garden
    If you read this blog on a regular basis, you may be aware of my fondness for canna lilies.
  • Best Zinnias for Cutting
    You deserve the best blooms for your bouquets! Discover the perfect zinnias for cutting and elevate your flower game 🌸👩‍🌾
  • Garden Crusader: Bill Dawson
    Meet Garden Crusader Bill Dawson of Columbus, Ohio
  • New Life for Hydrangeas
    Transform your garden with vibrant hydrangeas 🌿 Get tips on planting, pruning, and more for a beautiful blooming season.
  • 10 Ways to Help Plants Survive Drought
    🌱 Keep your plants healthy even during a drought with these 10 easy tips. 💧 Learn what to do and how to save your garden!
  • Railing Planters Hold Tight on High-Rise Balcony
    The Balcony Railing Planters seem to float on the glass walls of this high-rise garden. The photo is from Paul and Dedra Diehl, who have five planters on the railings of their balcony.
  • How to Get Dahlias to Last Longer in Bouquets
    Up here in Vermont, the dahlia season has arrived late, but those of us who’ve escaped early frosts are enjoying the fantastic blooms at last. Dahlias make great cut flowers, but I’ve often been disappointed in their short life in bouquets.
  • Jennifer’s Journal: Planting for Privacy
    Check out Jennifer's journal to discover her expert techniques for planting for privacy. Read the article on the Gardener's Supply blog.
  • Creating More Cannas
    Spring’s first gardening chore! If you’ve saved a clump or two of cannas, try this technique of creating more Cannas.
  • Meet a Gardener
    Learn about some of the members of our gardening community, including Gardener's Supply employee-owners, customers, and garden testers.
  • Not hardy? Not a problem
    Sometimes new traditions begin with an impulse buy. Last spring, I was at a garden center, struck by the beauty of a pot of blue-violet anemones and yellow ranunculus.