Backyard Makeover: From Lawn to Bountiful Kitchen Garden

CedarLast Raised Beds and Obelisk bring beauty to the bounty

By Carrie Bettencourt, Urban Gardener, Recipe Author, Photographer
Watch this makeover unfold as homeowner Carrie describes the transformation of her backyard into a lush and lovely kitchen garden with our CedarLast Raised Beds and Obelisk.
Greens in raised bedHealthy greens are ready to harvest.

Gardening: A Lifelong Passion

Growing up in the South, there was always a garden and fresh food. My parents had a garden and both sets of grandparents had gardens. Harvesting fresh food and then eating and cooking it is just part of my DNA at this point. Fresh corn, okra, tomatoes, watermelon, home-churned strawberry and peach ice cream — these were my childhood favorite foods. Not being able to find the flavor-rich foods of my childhood in a grocery store led me to start my own gardens.

I am an industrial designer, a slow runner and eat mostly plants. Food preserving is a big part of my cooking and food prep. My kitchen can look like a science lab, with jars of homemade jams and pickles on the shelves and crocks of fermenting vegetables on the counters I am always on the lookout for food that is not being used, like an orange tree loaded with fruit that no one is picking. In my area so much edible food goes unpicked and uneaten. When people find out you are a food preserver they like giving you unused food — I reinforce the notion by always giving back some of what I make. Who doesn't like a homemade jam?

I write about and photograph my gardens to encourage people to grow their own food or to support those who are growing food in earth-, people-, and animal-friendly ways. Small farms and home gardens are key to keeping our food chain exciting and healthy.

— Carrie

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Last updated: 11/21/2022