Large-Capacity Rain Barrels Solve One Gardener's Water Problem

Meet a Gardener: Mike Nava

Mike Nava in his garden in Southern CaliforniaMike shows some of the "black gold" compost he harvests from his tumbling composter

As a firefighter Mike understands that the difference between a loss and a save can be an ample, readily-available water supply. As a gardener he knows the same holds true for his plants -- but as a California gardener, subject to ever-greater water-conservation mandates, this awareness becomes even more acute.

On a hillside northwest of Los Angeles, within view of the stunning Santa Monica mountains, Mike took us on a tour of his lush cooking garden. What started as a few pots of herbs for roasts and sauces has expanded to robust vegetable cultivation. As his garden grew, Mike knew he needed to find an efficient and effective watering system. A rain barrel was first on his list, but nothing local fit the bill. When he found our exclusive 75-gallon beast, he bought two.

We believe that the best way to serve our customers is to meet them in their gardens. Mike helped us understand some of the challenges Southern California gardeners face, and the rewards that a garden can yield -- even in January. As a big 'earth first' advocate, Mike is driven to conserve natural resources, improve the health of the soil, and produce less waste. To that end, he's invested in long-lasting Cedar Raised Beds, composts his kitchen scraps with a Dual-Batch Composter, reduces water consumption with a Snip-N-Drip System on an automatic timer, and creatively uses Tomato Cages in the off-season to keep his Labrador, Sweet Pea, from snacking on the broccoli.

Watch the video to see how he puts it all together.

Last updated: 04/26/2023