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Garden Crusader Award Winners

Complete List of Winners

Marvin Dunn

Marvin Dunn, 2006 winner

Alberta Paul

Alberta Paul, 2007 winner

Ed Bush

Ed Bush, 2008 winner

Taja Sevelle

Taja Sevelle, 2009 winner

Mike Devlin

Mike Devlin, 2010 winner

Katie Stagliano

Katie Stagliano, 2010 winner

Gardener's Supply created the the Garden Crusader Award program in 2001 to honor individuals who are using their love of gardening to make a difference in their community. These gardeners are working on a variety of projects in schools, churches neighborhoods and communities.

Here is the complete list of winners from 2001 to 2010:


Grand Prize

Sean Phelan, Seattle, WA

South Region

Jim Call, Huntsville, AL

East Region

Gloria Luster, Baltimore, MD

West Region

Scott Conner, Kirkland, WA

Midwest Region

Billy Mills, Chamberlain, SD


Grand Prize

Teresa LeCount, Bronx, NY


First Place: Cynthia Nibbelink Worley, New York, NY

Second Place: Paul Naccachian, Azusa, CA

Third Place: Dwight Stanfield, Newton, IA

Urban Renewal

First Place: Jill Jones, Cedar Rapids, IA

Second Place: Julian Sodari, Phoenix, AZ

Third Place: Randy Gilson, Pittsburgh, PA


First Place: Kelly Conrad, Evansdale, IA

Second Place: Doug Shorey, Baker City, OR

Third Place: Martha Deichler, Chula Vista, CA

Feeding The Hungry

First Place: Roberta Hayes, Roxbury, MA

Second Place: John Morton, Indianapolis, IN

Third Place: Amanda Vanhoozier, Copell, TX


Grand Prize

Earl Antwine, New Orleans, LA

Urban Renewal

First Place: James Hogan, St. Louis, MO

Second Place: Jason Fligger, Detroit, MI

Third Place: Pauline Humphrey, St. Louis, MO


First Place: Steve Hiltner, Durham, NC

Second Place: Sally Snipes, Julian, CA

Third Place: Ralph Marcono, State College, PA


First Place: Yvonne Morris, Bronx, NY

Second Place: Susan Heinricher, Orange, MA

Third Place: Dianne Swanson, Long Beach, CA

Feeding the Hungry

First Place: Daniel Potts, Hope Valley, RI

Second Place: Dick Koehler, Tama, IA

Third Place: Pam Koch, Herndon, VA


Grand Prize

Maurice Jones, Los Angeles, CA


First Place: Sarah Hester, McKinney, TX

Second Place: Shirley Judd, Browerville, MN

Third Place: John Foerster, Millersville, MD

Feeding The Hungry

First Place: Frances Coffield, West Palm Beach, FL

Second Place: Floyd Jameson, Spencer, OK

Third Place: Yvonne Savio, Los Angeles, CA


First Place: Bill Maynard, Sacramento, CA

Second Place: Mel Wilkins, Gambrills, MD

Third Place: Paige Cunningham, West Cape May, NJ

Urban Renewal

First Place: Hazel Brown, Wilmington, DE

Second Place: Samuel Moton, Camden, NJ

Third Place: Maureen O'Boyle, Brooklyn, NY


First Place: Robert Lawson, Alisa Viejo, CA

Second Place: Ellen Dickson, St. Paul, MN

Third Place: Judith Levicoff, Jenkintown, PA


Grand Prize

Rick Brooks, Madison, WI


First Place: Skip Wiener, Philadelphia, PA

Second Place: Anna Wasecha, St. Paul, MN

Third Place: Paul Feenan, Shelton, WA

Feeding the Hungry

First Place: Julie Garreau, Eagle Butte, SD

Second Place: Claudia Van Nes, Chester, CT

Third Place: Vernon Mapes, Livingston, TX


First Place: Michael Howard, Chicago, IL

Second Place: Jim Senko, Lakewood, WA

Third Place: Barbara Wenger, San Francisco, CA

Urban Renewal

First Place: Bill Dawson, Columbus, OH

Second Place: Justine Bonner, Baltimore, MD

Third Place: Javier del Sol, Lake Worth, FL


First Place: Patricia Osburn, Gaylord, MI

Second Place: Cynthia Hardwicke, Harrisburg, PA

Third Place: Bonnie Hough, San Diego, CA


Grand Prize

Marvin Dunn, Miami, Fla.

Marvin's work in the Overtown section of Miami began with a two-acre garden and has become a 30-acre project with 40 paid staff and 300 volunteers. Read more ...


Vince Lalli, Seneca Falls, NY

Vince started his retirement by earning a Master's degree in horticulture and has gone on to develop a range of programs that use gardening to bridge the generations.Read more ...

Second Place: John Reddick, New York, NY

Third Place: Thomas Azwell, Berkeley, CA

Honorable Mention: Jane Smillie, Cambridge, MA; Rebecca Lemos, Baltimore, MD

Feeding The Hungry

Sharon Parks, Klamath Falls, OR

Thanks to Sharon, the food banks in south-central Oregon are now stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, grown by local volunteers, farmers, supermarkets and restaurants. Read more ...

Second Place: Fred Conrad, Atlanta, GA

Third Place: Bob Tanem, Novato, CA

Honorable Mention: Johanna Willins, Brooklyn, NY; Pauline Williman, Voorheesville, NY


Marie Frye, Warrensburg, MO

Marie lead the effort to reclaim an abandoned town park and turn it into a beautiful garden by planting native trees, shrubs and other prairie plants. Read more ...

Second Place: Len Maniace, Jackson Heights, NY

Third Place: Elizabeth Robinson, Chicago, IL

Honorable Mention: Betsy Schulz, Del Mar, CA; Amanda Benner, Philadelphia, PA

Urban Renewal

Melvin Carter, Providence, RI

Mel spearheaded an effort near his home in South Providence, to convert abandoned lots into community gardens. His success is inspiring others throughout the city.Read more ...

Second Place: Shirley Moore, Ecorse, MI

Third Place: Bonnie Sherk, San Francisco, CA

Honorable Mention: Beki Quintero, Tucson, AZ; Danielle Andrews, Dorchester, MA


Emily Posner, New Orleans, LA

Emily arrived in New Orleans in September 2005, to help with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. She has stayed on to share her gardening know-how with the community. Read more ...

Second Place: Becky Lemieux, Odanah, WI

Third Place: Mike Sherlock, Baltimore, MD

Honorable Mention: Jim Kleinwatcher, Warrenville, IL, Paul Red Elk, St. Paul, MN


Grand Prize

Alberta Paul, Washington, DC


1. Brenda Brodie, Durham, NC

2. Janice Duvall, San Diego, CA

3. Eileen Zebrowski, Ponte Vedra, FL

Honorable mentions: Thianda Manzara, Hockessin, DE; Joan Monforton, Brighton, MI

Urban Renewal

1. Ming Nagasawa, Dorchester, MA

2. Julia Rivera, Holyoke, MA

3. Lewis Sharpe, Baltimore, MD

Honorable mentions: Ila Dunteman, Minneapolis, MN; Liz Falk, Washington, DC.

Feeding the Hungry

1. Barbara Eiswerth, Tucson, Ariz.

2. Ramona Clark, Boulder, CO

3. Mike Bourgeois, Baton Rouge, LA

Honorable mentions: Carrie Little, Puyallup, WA; James Harrison, Gloucester, MA


1. Patrick Marley Rump, San Francisco, CA

2. Becky Anderson, Omaha, NE

3. Nicole Chandler, Philadelphia, PA

Honorable mentions: Thomas Azwell, Berkeley, CA; Mona Urbina, Pacifica, CA


Grand Prize

Ed Bush, Baton Rouge, LA


1.Gail Pianalto, Tontitown, AR

2. Mary Casady, Anderson, CA

3. Maggie Gray, Rockville Centre, NY

Honorable mentions: Peggy Garrett, Philadelphia, PA; and Colletta Kosiba, Brownsburg, IN

Urban Renewal

1.Shirley Edwards, Rochester, NY

2. Lucy Moreno, Yonkers, NY

3. Andy Cross, St. Louis, MO

Honorable mentions: Iris Brown, Philadelphia, PA; and Roald Hazelhoff, Birmingham, AL

Feeding the Hungry

1.Guillermo Vasquez, San Francisco, CA

2. Elizabeth Powell, Quincy, CA

3. Joan Baustian, Dearborn, MI

Honorable mentions: Ingrid Kirst, Lincoln, NE; and Iris Peppard, Salinas, CA


1.Charlotte Valbert, Tacoma, WA

2. Gregg DeMaria, Providence, RI

3. Jennifer Papa, Ringwood, NJ

Honorable mentions: Eileen VanZandt, Lincoln, NE; and Janice Pokorski, Dracut, MA


Grand Prize

Taja Sevelle, Detroit, MI


1. Roger Doiron, Scarborough, ME

2. Thianda Manzara, Hockessin, DE

3. Glenda Balliviero, Lafayette, LA

Honorable mentions: John Murphy, Hendersonville, NC; Brenda Beckham, Athens, GA


1. Vicki Nowicki, Downers Grove, IL

2. Atheria Ware, Buffalo, NY

3. Joe Mallon, Cape Coral, FL

Honorable mentions: Rhonda Killough, Henderson, NV; Lora Schreiber, West Bend, WI

Urban Renewal

1. José Soto, Bronx, NY

2. Robert Halstead, Bridgeport, CT

3. Kwabena Nkromo, Atlanta, GA

Honorable mentions: Michael Dowling, So. Boston, MA; Mark Covington, Detroit, MI

Feeding the Hungry

1. Ronda Clark, Athens, OH

2. Blue Peetz, Olympia, WA

3. Jacki Baer, Sycamore, SC

Honorable mentions: Merry Bradley, Eugene, OR; Amy Grey, Moscow, ID; Gabriela Compagni, Highlands, NJ


Grand Prize

Mike Devlin, Camden, NJ


1. Jim Embry, Lexington, KY

2. Laura Plaut, Bellingham, WA

3. Joe Judge, Easton, PA

Honorable Mention: Dorothy Curry, Mission Woods, KS; Paul Hudak, Portland, OR

Urban Renewal

1. Johanna E. Willins, Brooklyn, NY

2. Diana Lopez, San Antonio, TX

3. Penny Alsop, Tallahassee, FL

Honorable Mention: Amie Frisch, San Jose, CA; Sarah Ward, Chicago, IL

Feeding the Hungry

1. Katie Stagliano, Summerville, SC

2. Greg Price, Missoula, MT

3. Gregory Bratton, Chicago, IL

Honorable Mention: Don Leaf, Tumwater, WA; Sue Scotti, North Kingstown, RI


1. John Garza, Montebello, CA

2. Bill Kerker, Minneapolis, MN

3. Carolyn Meekins, Flint, MI

Honorable Mention: Carol Klossner, New Ulm, MN; Lowell Bailey, Phoenix, AZ

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