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Larry Smith,
Beverly, MA

Here's a shopping list of Gardener's Supply products Larry uses in his garden:

Container Mix
Container Booster
Tomato Ladders
Tomato Cages
Grow Beds
Self-Watering Patio Planter
  David 'Doc' Walker   Susan Malatich-Asack   Marian Heller  
  David ‘Doc’ Walker has always
made time to garden --
sometimes even after dark.
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  Susan Malatich-Asack’s
deer-friendly garden is a sanctuary from hectic
work days.
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  Marian Heller’s garden has
taken on new meaning for
she and her husband.
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  Joan Monforton   Stephen McKown   Dr. Alice Marczewski-Schacht  
  Joan Monforton shares her
gardening passion and know-
how with people of all ages.
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  Stephen McKown’s love of
gardening has grown along
with his garden.
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  Dr. Alice Marczewski-Schacht
gardens at her veterinary
clinic as well as at home.
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If you’re interested in having us visit your garden in 2007, please send us an email describing your garden, what makes it special, and any of our products that have enhanced your gardening success and enjoyment. Send your email to:

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