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Stacey Carter, Merchandising

Stacey Carter

Employee-owner since: 2009

My gardening style: Plant it, forget it and pick it when it's ready. To make that work, I start with a weed mat and plants supports. Everything is in place from day one.

My gardening background: I grew up on a family farm in Oklahoma, where we had dairy cows, pigs, chickens and vegetables that we sold at a local farmer's market. Since then, the vegetable gardens have been converted to vineyards, which has been a new challenge. Birds seem to love grapes.

Vegetables or flowers?: Vegetables — especially purple potatoes, broccoli and squash.

Best gardening tip I ever got: Work smarter instead of harder. Weed mats help me do that.

What I like about working here: We provide solutions for people who are trying to grow their own fruits, vegetables and flowers. I really enjoy brainstorming to help come up with those solutions.

Favorite free-time activities: Downhill skiing and Jack jumping in the winter; sailing in the summer — Two of the best ways to enjoy snowy winters and breezy summers. A Jackjumper is a skiing device with a bench seat attached to a ski.

What you probably don't know about me: In spring 2011, I placed 8th in the Jack Jump World Championship in the women's division.