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Dwight Aseltine, customer service

Dwight Aseltine

Year I started at Gardener’s Supply: 2007

What I do here: Sales and service specialist for commercial accounts and Reforest Teak

My gardening style: I'm a bit of an opportunist. I'll throw a lot at the wall and see what sticks. I'd love to grow an acre or two of wheat and/or some other grains.

I grew up with one foot in 19th century Vermont and was exposed to gardening all around me from my earliest memories. I continue to plan my menus based, largely, on the seasonal availability of ingredients.

Vegetables or flowers?:Both, wherever there's an appropriate space. I was glad Rosalind Creasy (Edible Landscaping) validated the practice.

Best gardening tip I ever got:If you don't have some failures, you're not taking enough risks.

What do you like about working at Gardener's Supply?: The positive, collegial, atmosphere.

Favorite free-time activities: Jazz music, cooking, hiking, baseball ... and, of course, gardening.