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Deb Delmage, Merchandising

Deb Delmage

What I do here: I work with our merchandising team to develop innovative products and bring them to market.

When I started at Gardener's Supply: 2004

My gardening style: I've been gardening for over 30 years, but my gardening style and activities have changed over time. My early gardening adventures included restoring the gardens, fields and woodlands of an 1836, 50-acre farmstead over the course of eleven years. While I've scaled back more recently, I enjoy working my raised beds and foundation gardens, which keep me really busy.

Vegetables or flowers? I like growing both edibles and flowers. In addition to my vegetable garden, I have four beds of raspberries, which make me very happy in July. I love growing and eating raspberries!  I've become a better flower gardener over the years, but I still feel like I have so much to learn.    

Best gardening tip I ever got: I am repeatedly reminded that the secret to gardening is to build strong soil. My gardens are located on shale ledge and I'm amazed by how the soil has improved through continued use of compost and soil amendments.

What do you like about working at Gardener's Supply? Our company's reason for being is a balance of concern for the planet, concern for customers and concern for business sustainability. I'm proud that this founding principle is as true today as it was when the company started in 1983.

Favorite free-time activities: I find both excitement and peace being outdoors and connecting with nature all through the year. I love to sail, horseback ride, cycle, swim, scuba dive, downhill and cross country ski, walk with my dog – and, of course, garden.

What people probably don’t know about me: I took a stone wall building course last year. Since then, I have been experimenting by edging my gardens with fieldstone. Someday, I hope to build a fire pit and possibly a retaining wall.