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Jennifer Price

I came to gardening as a way to have more control over my food. I was gardening out of a 1986 Chevy van. As I traveled the country selling my photography at juried art fairs, I struggled to find the same quality of vegetables that I had grown up eating out of our family garden. Moving from state to state, I would sun my plants at campgrounds and fetch them water in truckstop bathrooms. I can't boast about a lot of success, but my experience inspired me to head home to Vermont and put down some more permanent roots.

Today, I have an awesome, ever-changing, experiment-friendly garden and greenhouse in the Lake Champlain Islands. My greatest pleasure comes from saving seeds and learning about vegetable breeding. I love keeping chickens and bees, tending fruit trees, and, most of all, eating, eating, eating! I share my simple plant-based recipes at

At Gardener's Supply, I am the Creative Gardener, meaning that the gardens I manage are used for catalog photo shoots and blog posts. This is a perfect fit for me because I get to work with our photographer and photo stylist (Geoff Fosbrook and Lizzy Williams) who speak a language I understand. What's more, I get to be a total garden geek, swimming in a friendly sea with other garden geeks. It's pretty exciting.