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    Grow Citrus Indoors

    You can grow citrus indoors if you select the right variety and provide enough light. Check out our selection of plants and grow lights. 
  • Tall Bamboo LED Grow Light Garden
    More Details What could you grow indoors if you had four feet of headroom and the brightest lights? This is the largest unit in our innovative Bamboo LED Grow Light Garden system. With more than double the brightness of regular LED grow lamps, they satisfy all your plants' light needs. No need to adjust lamp height — or worry about burning your plants. Grow more indoors than you ever thought possible — try citrus and peppers, light-loving ...
  • Barnyard Pendant LED Grow Light
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    Don't need a full-size light stand but have a plant that could use more sunshine? Try this pendant lamp for a single or hard-to-keep-happy plant. It looks like a standard light fixture, but it actually holds a powerful, full-spectrum grow bulb. Perfect for a niche or corner, over a side table, or that one space you're not really sure what to do with!

  • Agrobrite Floor Plant Light
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    Versatile floor lamp from Hydrofarm® is handy for growing houseplants or using as a reading lamp. The 27-watt, compact fluorescent bulb provides full-spectrum light that’s optimal for plant growth. The flicker-free bulb also provides exceptional color rendering, making it ideal for reading as well.

  • Clamping Light Fixture
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    Specially designed for use with the Miracle LED® grow light bulbs of any wattage, this clamp-on light fixture has a parabolic aluminum reflector that reflects light onto plants for optimal growth. Fits all standard E26/E27 screw-in bulbs. Miracle LED® light bulb sold separately.

  • Fort Vee™ Compost-Based Potting Mix
    More Details Growing your veggies in organic soil not only makes you feel good, but it's also better for you! This Fort Vee™ mix is a great choice for gardeners who prefer a compost-based germination and growing medium. Specially designed for soil blocks, trays, and pots, it'll boost the nutrient, mineral, and antioxidant levels of your crops. It's also a fantastic choice for those "heavy feeders" — plants that require more nutrients than others. In addition to ...
  • Royal Gold Mendo Mix Potting Soil, 1-1/2 cu ft
    More Details Royal Gold Mendo Mix was originally developed with the dry outdoor conditions of Mendocino County, California in mind. This mix is heavily charged with organic nutrient and has greater water retention than most soils. Ready to use straight out of the bag, Mendo Mix supplies all the organic nutrition your plants will need. The sweetest tasting fruit can be achieved by using water alone. However, the highest yields have been produced by using supplements with ...
  • Lemon Tree in Decorative Planter
    More Details Add the incredibly fresh, citrus scent of lemon blossoms to your home by growing a lemon tree! Fragrant white flowers bloom among attractive, glossy green leaves. Lemons begin to appear in the spring, and as they mature, they help to provide visual interest for the remainder of the year. Lemon trees are extremely hardy and grow well indoors while providing edible fruit to enjoy in beverages, in cooking, and as garnishes. The included, color-coordinated metal ...
  • Meyer Lemon Tree
    More Details Known for its sweeter, less acidic fruit, the Meyer Lemon Tree is also valued for the incredibly fresh, citrus scent of its blossoms. Even the skin is tasty, and it is great for cooking or to garnish baked goods and liquid refreshments. Extremely hardy, it grows well both indoors and outdoors and provides fruit that will be enjoyed over a long period of time. Attractive ornamental. Self-pollinating, so only one tree is needed to produce ...
  • Thornless Key Lime Tree
    More Details The Thornless Key Lime Tree is the most popular lime tree grown in North America. Amidst dense, evergreen foliage, small buds produce pure white, fragrant blossoms. The tree bears fruit with a very thin rind and flavorful, juicy fruit throughout the year. The fruit of Key Lime Pie, it is used in mixed drinks and to add a tangy lime flavor to cooked fish. Easy to grow and ideal for growing indoors. Freshly picked limes ...
  • Espoma Citrus! Plant Food
    More Details Potted fruit trees require a consistent supply of vital nutrients, and this liquid fertilizer concentrate makes feeding them so easy. Simply close the lid, turn the bottle upside down, and then right-side up. Flip the lid open, pour the contents of the Easy Dose cap into your watering can, and add 1 quart of lukewarm water. This special formula is enhanced with kelp extracts, humic acids, and a proprietary set of beneficial microbes to ensure ...
  • Orange Tree in Decorative Planter
    More Details Enjoy the incredible taste of fresh oranges picked right from your own tree. Fragrant white flowers bloom in clusters among attractive, glossy, green leaves. Oranges begin to appear in the spring, and as they mature they help to provide visual interest. The edible fruit can be peeled and eaten, squeezed for juice, or sliced and enjoyed in beverages, in cooking, and as garnishes. The included, color-coordinated metal pot with handles makes it easy to move ...
  • Nules Clementine Tree
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    Everyone loves to snack on Nules Clementines because their thin, loose rind is so easy to peel, and their flesh can be described as juicy and sweeter than candy. Seedless or with very few seeds, Nules Clementines can be eaten fresh, served in salads, canned, and used in baked goods and marmalades. Growing among shiny, evergreen leaves, flowers appear in early May. Glossy, red-orange fruit usually ripens in October through December.

  • Key Lime Tree
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    Key Lime trees are the most popular lime trees grown in North America. Amid dense, evergreen foliage, small buds produce pure white, fragrant blossoms. The trees bear fruit with a very thin rind and flavorful, juicy fruit throughout the year. The fruit of key lime pie, it is used in mixed drinks and to add a tangy lime flavor to cooked fish.

  • Washington Navel Orange Tree
    More Details Washington Navel Oranges are perfect for fresh eating and juicing. The seedless, easy to recognize fruit has a prominent navel that is the growth of a second fruit embedded at the base of the first fruit. Smaller than the fruit in which it is embedded, it is also seedless and segmented. The flesh of this orange variety has a firm texture, is moderately juicy and rich in flavor. Dense foliage is evergreen and dark in ...
  • Pink Variegated Lemon Tree
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    Highly valued as an ornamental, the Pink Variegated Lemon Tree is the most fragrant of all lemon trees. Glossy apple-green leaves edged in creamy white provide a background for white blooms. The rind of the young fruit is green striped with gold that matures to pale yellow. Pink flesh with few if any seeds produces juice with a tangy, tart flavor that makes the best lemonade.

  • Ponkan Mandarin Orange Tree
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    The Ponkan Mandarin bears shiny, bright green leaves all year long. In spring, strong and sweetly scented blossoms attract bees and butterflies. The large, easy-to-peel fruit are usually eaten out of hand or used in fruit salads, desserts and main dishes.