two people ergonomically lifting a large diameter pot filled with soil and flowers



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Additional Information

Easily Lift Heavy Pots

  • A safe, easy way to lift planters, potted shrubs, trees, rocks and other heavy objects
  • Designed for 2-person use
  • Labor-saving tool protects your back

When it's time to move large planters, potted shrubs, trees, or even rocks, use this ingenious hauling device to do the job and protect your back from injury. Just place the self-cinching straps around most any object up to 6 feet in circumference, grab the textured handles, and two people can easily lift up to 200 pounds without stooping or straining.

Product Details

  • Polyurethane, acetal, nylon and PVC
  • Adjustable up to 6' in circumference
  • Weight capacity is 200 lbs.