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Meet a Gardener

  • Toni Gattone, Senior Gardening Speaker and Author
    Speaker and author Toni Gattone helps gardeners find creative, adaptive solutions to physical challenges and mobility issues.
  • Novice Gardener Teaches Us About Challenges of Urban Growing
  • Carrie Bettencourt
    Watch a video and read about how Carrie transformed the backyard of her new home into a thriving garden with Gardener's CedarLast raised beds and obelisk.
  • Patricia Zinkowski
    Occasionally we get the chance to visit customers, and Patricia Zinkowski's exuberant review of our Eco-Stained Elevated Cedar Planter Box caught our eye.
  • Charlie Nardozzi
    Charlie Nardozzi shares his energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm for gardening as an in-demand writer, speaker, TV & radio personality, and garden tour leader, offering a friendly take on how gardening connects us to nature and one another.
  • Timothy Hammond
    Timothy Hammond wants everyone, everywhere, to try growing their own food. Learn how Timothy inspires thousands of new gardeners online with his social media presence that informs, teaches, and encourages.
  • Moon’s Garden in Westchester County, NY
    Moon gives a tour of her raised bed and container garden in Westchester County, NY. Moon has been a customer of Gardener's Supply Co for years, and was one of our first testers.
  • Suzanne DeJohn
    From tiny, emerging flower buds to dark, nutrient-rich compost, Suzanne DeJohn witnesses nature’s little miracles every day while she’s gardening at her Williston, Vermont, home. Learn how gardening satisfies Suzanne’s scientific curiosity while also feeding her soul.
  • Kevin Espiritu
    In just nine years, Kevin Espiritu has gone from beginner gardener, trying his hand at cucumbers and basil, to a top online voice on gardening. Kevin uses his online education platform,, to inspire gardeners around the world.
  • Ian McKenna
    Every year Ian McKenna grows a garden and donates all his garden bounty to help feed the hungry in his community. He's also starting three other gardens at area schools to do the same.
  • GSC Exclusive Large-Capacity Rain Barrels Solve Firefighter’s Water Problem
    On a hillside northwest of Los Angeles, firefighter Mike Nava takes us on a tour of his lush cooking garden.
  • Kerry Ann Mendez
    Kerry Ann Mendez is an award-winning garden designer, speaker, and author at Perennially Yours, LLC. Her passions include helping gardeners create beautiful, low-maintenance ornamental gardens, especially in small spaces.
  • Laura LeBoutillier of Garden Answer
    In the three years since she and her videographer/husband Aaron started making Garden Answer advice videos, Laura has collected a social media following of more than 3.3 million people.
  • Melinda Myers
    Horticulturalist, national gardening media personality, and author Melinda Myers has always surrounded herself with plants.