Customized Corners Protect Raised Bed from Garden Pests

This idea comes from a gardener in Arlington, VA, who reviewed our Raised Bed Corners (4.75 stars):

“To prevent rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks from getting into the bed, I wanted to enclose it with a 2-foot-high fence that would still allow easy access to the plantings. The 2-inch-square holes in the corners (which typically are covered with the provided plastic caps) provided for an easy solution.

I constructed a fence using 1×2 cedar and 1/2-inch-mesh hardware cloth. As shown in the photos, the vertical boards have 8-inch legs that slip into the square holes, and a simple plastic twist tie holds the sides together, keeping them from flapping in the wind. Any side can be easily pulled out after untwisting two of the ties.”

Customized Corners.jpg

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Last updated: 03/13/2024