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  • Make Your Own Hot Sauce
    Preserve some summer heat by making your own spicy condiments. Use our hot sauce kits -- or start from scratch -- to create a range of flavors, from a fruity fire to a slow, smoky burn.
  • How to Store Apples
    Nothing compares to the crunch and flavor of a just-picked apple. When stored properly, you can enjoy crisp, flavorful apples for months.
  • Recipe for Elderberry Syrup
    This year, I decided to use the many elderberries on my two bushes to make elderberry syrup.
  • Recipe: Pickled Onions
    In about an hour, you can turn red onions into a zippy condiment: pickled onions.
  • Keeper Crops
    How to store the summer harvest for the winter kitchen.
  • Quick, Easy Techniques for Preserving the Harvest
    If you find yourself with more vegetables than time, here are a few of the super-quick, after-work solutions for saving some of summer's bounty for cold winter days.
  • How to Harvest, Cure and Store Onions
    When stored correctly in their own papery wrappers, some types of onions will maintain their quality for as long as a year.
  • The Harvest Homestretch
    In the vegetable garden, late summer is the seventh-inning stretch; time to step back and make strategy. Here are a few tips from an old pro on how to score big in the end.
  • Preserve Tomato Flavor in Jars
    Use these recipes to concentrate the essence of fresh tomatoes into condiments that deliver a burst of intense tomato flavor—and make the most of space in the pantry.
  • What to Do With Green Tomatoes
    Frying isn't the only option. Tart and firm, green tomatoes hold up well in long-cooked relishes and chutneys.
  • How to Freeze or Dry Herbs
    You can enjoy your herb garden harvest all year with one of several easy techniques.
  • All About Potato Varieties
    How to understand the differences between potato types and what you can expect in the kitchen.
  • Make Your Own Pesto
    If basil is part of your herb garden,make pesto part of your pantry with these recipes.
  • Gather Gifts from the Garden
    Giving a gift you've made yourself sends a message of caring to the recipient, and using homegrown materials makes it even more special. Summer is the time to gather and prepare flowers and herbs so you'll have plenty of gift-making materials.
  • How to Make Roasted Tomatoes
    A simple technique brings out flavor in the backyard harvest.
  • Recipe: Homemade Tomato Sauce
    Start with a great basic recipe for tomato sauce. Then, customize it to make your own specialty of the house.
  • Making Pepper Jelly
    Preserving in jars is simple and foolproof.
  • Making Perfect Pickles
    I'm passionate about pickles. That's why caring for my cucumber crop tops my list of garden chores. And to me, there is nothing worse than a soggy, limp, crunch-less pickle. My biggest goal is to make sure they stay crisp!
  • A Guide to Making Pickles, Sauerkraut and Other Fermented Foods
    Learn how to make your own pickles, sauerkraut and other preserved foods. Specially designed crocks make it easy.
  • Recipes for Pickles, Sauerkraut and Kimchi
    Step-by-step instructions for delicious pickled and fermented foods.
  • Make Your Own Chutney
    One of my favorite “preserves” is an easy and delicious chutney, using a recipe from my mother-in-law, Brenda, who lives in Bath, England. Chutney is a staple over there and my English husband and I make vats of “Mum’s Chutney” to use throughout the year.
  • Make Goat Cheese at Home
    Making your own chevre is easy when you start with the Deluxe Cheese-Making Kit, which contains almost everything you need. Just add goat's milk.
  • Durable Beauty from Peterboro Basket Co.
    About Peterboro Basket Co., a New Hampshire company that’s been in the basket-making business since 1854.