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Good Works

  • We're a B Corp!
    To solidify our commitment to being a force for good, we have become a certified B Corp, a relatively new designation that combines bottom-line profits and social responsibility.
  • Garden Crusader Awards
    All about the Garden Crusader Awards from Gardener's Supply Company.
  • Community Gardening
    Would you like to have your very own flower or vegetable garden, but need a place to do it? Are you interested helping people in your town or neighborhood find a place to garden?
  • About the Green Education Foundation
    The GEF develops and distributes classroom curriculum that teaches sustainability and environmental science to children K-12. Formed in 2008, this effective nonprofit organization has quickly become a leader in environmental education.
  • Gleaning: An Ancient Idea for Modern Times
    Volunteer gleaners across the U.S. collect leftovers from farmers' fields and make certain these farm-fresh, local foods don't go to waste. Gleaning leaders explain the practice's impact on hunger, resource management and community.
  • Garden Crusader Award Winners
    A complete list of winners.
  • Every Day is Earth Day When You Plant a Garden
    Earth Day isn't just a day to celebrate this planet we call home; it's also a call to action. Learn how you can get involved.
  • Every Garden Makes a Difference
    When you grow a garden, you not only cultivate your own patch of soil, you also connect with fellow gardeners — both in your neighborhood and across the globe.
  • American Community Gardening Association Grant Winners
    At Gardener's Supply, we believe that gardening can bring about positive change — in our communities and in the environment. In support of that belief, we donate 8 percent of our company profits to organizations that are improving the world through gardening. For example, the American Community Gardening Association (ACGA) and Gardener's Supply Company recently awarded $4,000 to four groups.
  • Mother Nature wants YOU to Join a Community Garden
    Good things happen in gardens when people come together to nurture something beautiful. Join community gardeners across the nation in growing good food for yourself and your neighbors.
  • After Irene
    In the wake of Hurricane Irene, the first reaction — for many people — was stunned silence. It's hard to take in the fearsome power of nature and the shocking devastation. It's easy to feel helpless and small. But eventually, you snap out of it and ask: "How can I help?"
  • Katie Stagliano, 2010 Garden Crusader
  • Mike Devlin, 2010 Garden Crusader
  • Garden To Give
    By some estimates, gardeners could feed 28 million hungry Americans just by donating their extra produce. That’s exactly what we're hoping our Garden to Give program inspires our community of gardeners to do!
  • Jim Embry, 2010 Garden Crusader
  • 2009 Garden Crusader Ronda Clark
    As Ronda Clark works to expand gardening in southeastern Ohio, she is thinking big. “I want to break people of this western diet that is killing us: fast-food joints, high-fructose corn syrup, this whole culture that we have developed,” she said.