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Just because they are cute doesn't mean they won't wreak havoc in your garden.

  • Bear
    It's in everyone's best interest — including the bears' — to discourage human/bear interactions and keep bears in their wild habitat.
  • Birds
    Techniques for prevention and control.
  • Deer
    Techniques for keeping deer out of your garden.
  • How to Keep Dogs and Cats Out of the Garden
    The best control is to give pets their own yard or train them well. Other options include fences, barriers and repellents.
  • Gopher
    Gophers feed on above- and below-ground portions of many plants. Roots crops, such as potatoes and carrots, and bulbs, such as tulips, are favorite targets.
  • Mole
    These insect-eating, underground dwellers are found throughout the country and prefer moist loamy soils to dig, avoiding sandy or clay soils when possible.
  • Mouse and Vole
    How to control mouse and voles populations around the house and garden.
  • Opossum
    Techniques for managing possums in your garden and yard.
  • Rabbit Controls
    Controlling bunnies with fences, repellents and other techniques
  • Raccoon
    Techniques for prevention and control.
  • Rat
    Techniques for prevention and control.
  • Skunk
    Techniques for prevention and control of skunks in the garden.
  • Snake
    Techniques for managing snakes in the garden. They're the "good guys" who eat rodents and slugs.
  • Woodchuck
    Techniques for prevention and control.
  • Squirrel and Chipmunk
    Techniques for keeping these rodents out of your garden.