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  • What Kind of Tomato Should I Grow?
    With more than 700 different tomato varieties in cultivation today, it can be difficult to choose the variety that's best for your garden. Learn how to narrow down the list.
  • All About Essential Oils
    Unlock the power of pure essential oils, which can be used to lift the spirit, relax the body or bring clarity to the mind. Just close your eyes and breathe.
  • Tomato Support Techniques
    If you grow tomatoes, it's important to keep the vines off the ground to ensure an abundant crop of healthy fruit. How do you choose the right support? Wire supports, such as our Tomato Cages and Tomato Ladders, are among the most effective designs.
  • When to Prune Hydrangeas
    Like many things in the garden, it depends. To get the timing right, you need to identify what type of hydrangea you have.
  • Growing Tomatoes from Seed
    Tomato plants are one of the easiest plants to start indoors from seed. Here's how to grow your own tomatoes, from seed to harvest.
  • Saving the Monarch Butterfly
    Monarch butterfly populations have been declining over the past decade, with sharp declines in the last few years. What can gardeners do to help ?
  • How to Plant a Bare-Root Tree or Shrub
    Proper planting is critical to their survival and long-term success of bare-root plants.
  • Beekeeping: A Hobby With Sweet Rewards
    Beekeeping and gardening go naturally together. Here are some things prospective beekeepers should consider.
  • How to Grow Lettuce Indoors
    With the right amount of light, it's fairly easy to grow lettuce indoors, all through the winter.
  • Make a Home for Houseplants
    Six reasons to grow a houseplant (or two).
  • Willow Garden Accents: a Tradition Made New
    In the British Isles, gardeners have a long tradition of using willow to create distinctive trellises, fences and other structures. Starting with long willow “wands” harvested from nearby woodlands, they have created styles that enhance most any garden, in ways that are practical and beautiful.
  • How to Grow African Violets
    African violets have been popular houseplants for nearly 100 years, and with good reason. With the right care, many plants can bloom nonstop.