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  • Which Tomato Support Is Right For My Garden?
    Cages, ladders, stakes, and towers — watch and learn about tomato supports.
  • How To Use Our Tomato Halo
    Controls weeds, encourages stronger roots, and prevents cutworm invasions: our Tomato Halo truly pampers your tomato plants.
  • Tomato Support Techniques
    Ensure an abundant crop of healthy tomatoes by keeping your plants off the ground. Learn how to support your tomatoes with stakes, cages, and ladders.
  • Tomatoes (cherry)
    Because many popular cherry tomato varieties grow into huge plants, be sure to look for those described as determinate or bush if space is at a premium.
  • The Melon Bag
    🍉🌱 Grow your own delicious melons with our innovative grow melon bag! Easy setup and maintenance, perfect for any home gardener.
  • Filling Gaps in the Flower Garden
    Five ways you can fill those mid-season gaps in the garden and keep perennial beds looking their best from May through October.
  • How to Choose Trellises and Supports for Climbing Plants
    Time to grow UP! Pick the right plant support for your vining and climbing plants.
  • Success With Potatoes
    Despite a small, shady yard, cool weather and some challenging wildlife, Cindi Coffen is able to produce an abundant potato harvest.