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  • Grow in the Cold With a Cedar Cold Frame
    A customer came to us with a GREAT idea to extend the growing season, and our design team decided to take it to the next level.
  • Using Garden Fabric (Row Covers)
    Protect your garden from cold, heat, insects, and wind — we've got you covered.
  • 5 Easy Ways to Hurry Spring
    Impatient for spring? We are too - in the meantime, here are some simple tasks to prepare for the growing season.
  • Season-Extending Techniques
    Add MONTHS to your growing season with row covers, cold frames, pop-up plant covers, and greenhouses.
  • Overwintering Tender Plants
    From digging up the tubers to bringing the whole plant inside(!), there are many ways to overwinter your tender and tropical plants.
  • How to Grow Salad Greens All Year
    Don't let your hardiness zone limit your garden greens! Choose the right crop variety and create the right microclimate — and get ready for delicious, home-grown salads almost every day of the year.
  • Okra
    Okra is the quintessential "Deep South" vegetable. Even so, with some special care, you can grow it successfully in colder zones.
  • The Harvest Homestretch
    Late summer is the seventh-inning stretch of the vegetable garden; time to step back and reassess. Here are a few tips from an old pro on how to score big harvests in the end.
  • When to Start Your Seeds
    Eager to start your seeds? Here is a quick guide to timing your seed starting.
  • Fresh Ideas for Green Beans
    When backyard beans are plentiful, use these recipes and techniques to ensure that you'll never tire of another harvest.
  • Double Your Harvest with Succession Planting
    Regularly seeding and rotating your crops will extend your growing season and make the most of a small garden space.
  • Help Your Garden Endure Hot Weather
    There are plenty of plants out there that love the heat (looking at you tomatoes and zinnias), however our cool-weather crops may need a little help during high temps.
  • Bring Flowering Bulbs Indoors
    When winter's chill forces the gardener to move indoors, windowsills come into bloom.
  • How to Start Seeds
    Start your garden from seed -- with the right grow light and some simple equipment, seed starting can be fun and easy!