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  • How to Use the Paper Pot Maker
    Transform ordinary newspaper into a limitless supply of compostable 3-inch pots for starting seeds.
  • Why Choose Cowpots to Start Seeds
    Cowpots prevent transplant shock, are biodegradable, AND slowly release nutrients as they break down. What's not to love?
  • When it’s Time for ‘Potting Up’
    🌱 Ready to take your plant parenting skills to the next level? Find out when it's time for potting up with our handy guide!
  • Zucchini
    Growing zucchini can be easy and rewarding. Sow the seeds directly in the garden once after the last frost, or start the seeds indoors in advance.
  • How to Grow Sweet Peas from Seed
    With their large, easy-to-germinate seeds, sweet peas are fun to grow from seed. Plus, the resulting blooms are gorgeous and beautifully fragrant.
  • How to Select the Right Seed-Starting System
    When starting seeds, you'll want to use the right growing medium and provide adequate light. But what sort of container will you plant the seeds into?
  • How to Grow Cucumbers
    Cukes are hot-weather plants, so plant when the soil is at least 65 degrees. In warm parts of the country you can put seeds directly into the ground; in short-season areas, you should start seedlings indoors a couple weeks before putting them out into the garden.
  • All About Pumpkins
    Pumpkins are long-season, heat-loving crops that can take 100 days to fully ripen. Cold-climate gardeners may want to start seeds indoors.
  • Grow Tomatoes from Seed
    Tomatoes are quick to germinate and fun to grow. Learn how to start your own tomatoes from seed.
  • Cucumbers in Containers
    Although cucumbers have sprawling vines, you can grow them in containers. The key is to choose a compact variety and train those vines up a trellis.
  • Growing Tomatoes from Seed to Harvest
    Tomato plants are one of the easiest plants to start from seed. Watch and learn how to grow your own fresh tomatoes.