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As lifelong gardeners, we know there's no end to learning about plants, our earth, and how things grow. The more we learn, the more we enjoy and connect to nature. We invite you to join us for a variety of gardening-related classes and workshops at our garden center throughout the year. 

The 2021 Spring series will be held as webinars and hosted via Zoom. The cost for each webinar is $15.

Backyard Birds for Meat & Eggs | February 23 • 6-7:30pm
Presenter: Markey Read & Tim King
Markey Read & Tim King, of Honey Dew Homestead, focus on intensive food production with high yields at the homesteading level (fruits, veg, poultry, bees, grains). They love sharing their practical and inspirational insights with other homesteaders so more people can grow more of their own food. They produce 65% of their food & have full time careers.

Gardening for Beauty & Wellness | February 27 • 9:30-11am
Presenter: Kerry Mendez
This inspiring presentation by Kerry Mendez will introduce you to gorgeous, no-fuss plants (perennials, flowering shrubs and annuals) thatprovide month after month of stunning color, reduce stress and maintenance, AND benefit pollinators. Fee $15

The Complete No Dig Garden | March 2 • 6-7:30pm
Presenter: Charlie Nardozzi
Based on Charlie Nardozzi's new book, The Complete Guide to No-Dig Gardening, he will cover what No-Dig gardening means, why it's important for your soil, plants and the climate, and teh various ways to partice No-Dig. I'll aslo talk about maintaining raised beds with No-Dig methods and other ways to practice No-Dig such as with Hugelkultur and Keyhole Beds.

The Heirloom Garden | March 9 • 6-7:30pm
Presenter: Ellen Ogden
In this lecture by Ellen Ecker Ogden, The New Heirloom Garden, you learn how to design an heirloom garden, what to grow for the best flavor, and be inspired to become a seed saver,. Learn about heirloom and open-pollinated seeds you can sow, grow and save in your own kitchen garden, for yourself and to share with friends.

Edible Landscapes | March 16 • 6-7:30pm
Presenter: Jacob Holzer-Pill
Rediscover the way you look at growing food in your yard. Learn the basic principles of edible landscape design. We will discuss the basics of site analysis and design, making use of small spaces and plant palettes that include medicinal herbs, perennial vegetables, nuts, fruits and berries.

Four-Season Gardens to Support Pollinators | March 23 • 6-7:30pm
Presenter: Larri Cochran
Master Gardener Larri Cochran will talk us through desiging four season gardens for supporting pollinators.

Container Gardening for All | March 30 • 6-7:30pm
Presenter: Dorothy Caron
Learn all about container gardening, it has something for everyone!

Backyard Meadow Design | April 6 • 6-7:30pm
Presenter: Becca Lindenmeyr
Learn how to convert unused lawn into a meadow full of life, color and movement that will serve as an oasis for pollinators, birds and wildlife. Becca will discuss lawn removal techniques, wildflower plant selection, seeds vs. plugs vs. plants, mulching, and maintenance.



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