Boost Your Tomato Harvest

 red plastic sheeting as mulch for tomato plants

Red Tomato Mulch, an innovative plastic film, performs like black mulch by warming the soil and retaining moisture, with the added benefit of increasing the production of tomato plants by as much as 20%. How does Tomato Yield Booster work? It reflects the beneficial far-red light of the color spectrum up into the plant.

USDA researchers have studied the effects of light on plants for years. They determined that certain shades of red reflected into the plant affect a color-sensitive protein that regulates plant growth and development. The Tomato Yield Booster has been carefully engineered to reflect the precise color of red needed to increase production and retard ultra violet degradation. Recent studies by the USDA suggest this mulch is also excellent for increasing strawberry production. Try it and let us know how it works for you!

Installing Tomato Yield Booster

This mulch can be installed 1-2 weeks ahead of planting time to warm the soil. (Even a day or two will help warm soil temperatures!) Rake and smooth the growing area. If you plan to use soaker or drip hose, install it now. Lay out the mulch on top of the hose (either side of the mulch will reflect the correct red light) and pin the edges to the soil with our Earth Staples or secure them with mounded soil.

When you are ready to plant, cut large "Xs" in the plastic so you can water and fertilize. For seeds, you can make long slits in the plastic to create planting rows. Tuck the edges under to prevent shading of the seedlings. Plant your seeds or transplants.


Check the soil moisture frequently until plants are well established. If you did not install irrigation hose under the mulch, water the plants from above with a water can.

Mulch Care

Try to keep the mulch as clean as possible. Dirt and debris on the mulch will diminish its reflectance. At the end of the tomato season, clean and dry the mulch and store it for use next year. (The holes will be cut already!)

Last updated: 06/26/2023