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Every Day is Earth Day
When You Grow a Garden

Earth Day

Earth Day isn't just a day to celebrate this planet we call home; it's also a call to action. This year marks the 48th anniversary, and according to the Earth Day Network, more than 1 billion people across the globe will participate in Earth Day activities.

We believe that every garden makes a difference in promoting a healthy, sustainable future for the planet. Even something as simple as setting up a few flower- and herb-filled planters can provide much-needed shelter and nourishment to pollinating insects.

To help inspire your Earth Day celebration, we've gathered a few of our favorite articles on eco-friendly gardening and landscaping practices.

Water Conservation

Eight Steps to a Water-Wise Garden

Learn how you can dramatically reduce your water consumption, lower your water bill and still have a beautiful and productive garden.

How to Build a Rain Garden
A rain garden is plant-filled, shallow depression in your yard that is designed to gradually absorb and filter stormwater runoff.

Yellow warbler

Yellow warbler

Welcoming Wildlife

Gardeners Play a Role in Creating Wildlife Corridors
By planting native species, gardeners nationwide help provide animals and insects with the food and shelter they need to survive.

Attracting Wildlife: A Yard That Welcomes Winged and Warty Friends
Learn the secret to attracting a wide range of beneficial insects and animals that bring the garden to life.

Promoting Pollinators

Bee pollinating a sedum flower

Bee pollinating a sedum flower

All About Pollinators
In addition to bees, many species of butterflies, bats, birds, moths, flies and even mammals are also pollinators, and they're all essential to a healthy ecosystem.

Attracting Beneficial Bees
By using pollinator-friendly plants and techniques, gardeners can help counter the decline in pollinator populations.

Invasive barberry

Invasive barberry

Going Native

Gardening with Wildflowers and Native Plants
Learn ways to incorporate wildflowers and native plants into your gardens to create easy-care landscapes that are also friendly to wildlife.

Invasive Plants: Buy Now, Pay Later
Gardeners play an essential role in keeping invasive plants from spreading and damaging our wetlands and forests.

Earth-Friendly Lawns

Be a Grower, Not a Mower
How much lawn do you really need or want? Here are some ways to reduce the amount of lawn in your landscape and replace it with easy-care, earth-friendly alternatives.

Natural Lawn Care Techniques
Don't let all the advertising fool you. You can grow a healthy, thriving lawn without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.


All About Composting
Composting kitchen scraps and yard waste saves landsfill space, and it yields a nutrient-rich soil amendment, too.

Get Involved

Project Budburst and other citizen-science projects
Learn how ordinary people contribute to ongoing research projects, helping scientists collect much more data over a much broader geographic area than they would be able to on their own.

Last updated: 4/19/18