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Planning to Grow Vegetables This Year?
You’re Not Alone!

Salad Bar Garden
With the Kitchen Garden Planner, you can choose from several pre-planned gardens, such as this 3x6' Salad Bar Garden, filled with lettuces, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet red peppers and more. You can also design your own custom garden. Once the garden is designed, you can print a "planting map", shown below.

The National Gardening Association just released its 2009 Gallup Survey results and the big news is VEGETABLES! More than 43 million households (a 19% increase over 2008) said they are going to plant a vegetable garden this spring.

We saw this exciting trend starting to develop last year, with a steady increase in sales for vegetable seeds, transplants, and products like tomato cages, potato bins and cold frames. We also started to get LOTS of questions from new vegetable gardeners.

An experienced vegetable gardener approaches the spring planting season with barely contained excitement about which new pepper varieties they'll try and where they're going to squeeze in a few more basil plants. But new or relatively inexperienced vegetable gardeners often approach planting time with trepidation rather than excitement. They're wondering: "How do I start?" and "What should I grow?"

It seemed to us that the best thing we could do for 2009 was to make sure that this wave of new vegetable gardeners would have a fun and rewarding experience right from the start.

Kitchen Garden PlannerClick to see how it works

So this past winter, we designed a playful, interactive planning tool that would take away the worries of what, when and how to plant a successful vegetable garden. Knowing from experience that a raised bed garden is the easiest and most efficient way to grow vegetables, we based this new tool on the footprint of a 3x6 raised bed garden.

The Kitchen Garden Planner gives vegetable gardeners of all skill levels free access to:

  • A selection of six pre-planned vegetable gardens, each with its own planting map
  • An interactive, drag-and-drop design tool that generates a customized planting map
  • A step-by-step guide to planting and care
  • A vegetable encyclopedia with 30 different entries
  • A list of recommended supplies and accessories.

Spring is here. Make sure you're one of the millions of Americans who will be growing some of their own fresh food in 2009. To see a 60-second "movie" about how the new Kitchen Garden Planner works, and either print out one of our pre-planned garden maps or start creating your own, just click here … and have fun!

Salad Bar Garden
The planting map shows you how many plants should go into each 1-foot-square block.

Last updated: 10/24/15