Planting and Care


Choosing a Raised Bed

Gardener's Supply Company offers a wide range of raised beds, from DIY-style kits, to complete raised beds in cedar, composite wood, recycled plastic and galvanized steel.

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What to Plant

Fill your garden with the types of flowers, vegetables, fruits, and herbs YOU love!

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When to Plant

Before you dig in that soil, first consider the variety you are planting and both the air and soil temperature.

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Tending Your Garden

You've planted your seed; now what?

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With the right tools and techniques, you can keep your plants happy no matter the climate.

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Companion Planting

Learn how growing different combinations of plants will benefit one another.

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Second Plantings

When you garden in raised beds, it’s easy to keep every square foot in production from early spring right through summer, fall and early winter.

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