Our Plant Guarantee

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We guarantee all of our plant stock to be true to name and in healthy, vigorous condition, so that with proper planting and after care, plants will experience optimum growth.
Trees and shrubs are guaranteed for two years and perennials for one year from the date of purchase. At the first indication of a problem, we ask that you call us for instruction.
If we installed the plants as part of your original purchase, they will be replaced for free or you can get store credit for the purchase price and installation cost.
Store credit is extended for the amount paid for the plant. In all cases we will be liable only for the price paid for the plant material. At no time will Gardener's Supply be held responsible for a sum greater than the purchase price.
The sales receipt and photo of the plant, cutting from the plant, or the plant itself (if small enough), should be present at time of credit. Sorry, no exceptions.
Click here to download a pdf of our planting guidelines and guarantee.
We do not guarantee the following:
  • Trees, shrubs and perennials not installed according to our planting instructions.
  • Trees, shrubs and perennials that have been planted into another container and not in the ground.
  • Any plants installed under an overhang.
  • That plants will flower and/or bear fruit.
  • Damage or mortality due to circumstances beyond our control, including watering, weather, machinery, animals, insects or neglect.
  • Trees, shrubs or perennials planted outside their recommended hardiness zone or not winter protected according to our instructions.
  • Broad leaf evergreens including rhododendron, boxwood, mountain laurel, Japanese andromeda, blue hollies, hinoki false cypress, arborvitae and upright junipers unless planted on the northeast side of the house.
  • Live Christmas trees.
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