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    Wood Bird Feeder

  • Mirrored Window Bird Feeder
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    With a two-way mirror on the back, this feeder lets you observe your feathered friends without disturbing them. Birds enter through the holes in the ends and feed inside, out of the weather and safe from predators. Holds 2 cups of seed; top flips open for easy filling. Mounts on window with suction cups; perforated stainless steel floor for drainage. Handcrafted in Maine from white pine; weathers to a silvery gray.

  • Birds Choice™ Recycled Hanging Tray
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    The recycled Hanging Tray Feeder is made from recycled plastic and milk jugs, lifetime guarantee to never crack, split or fade. It also contains stainless steel screws and collapsible powder-coated steel rods. This patented designed feeder is ready to hang!

  • Window Nest Box
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    From gathering twigs, to laying eggs, and finally the chicks hatching, you can observe the whole nesting process right outside your window with this handcrafted nest box. It has suction cups that attach easily to any window, and a 1-1/2" opening that suits most song birds. Handmade in Maine by an environmentally ethical company that pays attention to details like proper ventilation and drainage.

  • Heartwood Wild Bird Bistro Bird Feeder
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    Want company for dinner? You'll have it every day with this standout dining establishment for your backyard birds. As the "bistro" name suggests, it's the place where crowds and flocks are prone to gather: Roomy and stylish, with remarkably easy-care PVC construction and verdigris copper roof. Let your birds dine in comfort while you feast your eyes on the happiest flocks around. Proudly hand-crafted by Heartwood in the USA.

  • Birds Choice™ Acorn Peanut Bird Feeder
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    This acorn-shaped shelled peanut feeder is perfect for woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees and other birds who cling to the stainless steel mesh screen while extracting seed. Holds a quart of shelled peanuts or sunflower seed and is easy to fill by lifting the roof. Made from taupe 5/8” recycled poly lumber guaranteed never to crack, split, or fade. Vinyl coated hanging cable included.

  • Birds Choice Woodpecker Sandwich Suet Feeder with Spreadable Suet
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    These heavy-duty bark panels are a great way to provide woodpeckers with spreadable suet. Woodpeckers have long tongues that can eat from this feeder while other birds cannot access the suet within the panels. Patented poly-resin design to accommodate a woodpecker's tongue and bill while deterring other pests. I Includes a 1.31 lb jar of easy-to-use Choice Nutty Spreadable Suet..

  • Heartwood Skybox Cafe Bird Feeder
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    This bird feeder has it all: good looks, rock-solid construction and legions of devoted human and avian fans. Includes beautiful easy-care and rugged PVC construction with an elegant verdigris roof and cast iron finial. The Skybox Cafe serves your birds with plenty of panache! Proudly hand-crafted by Heartwood in the USA.