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    Wine Bottle Yard Art

    Bottle trees are more commonly seen in Southern gardens, being a Creole tradition with roots in West Africa. Although interpretations about the meaning vary, one thing is certain -- they are a beautiful element of folk yard art that brings color, structure, and vertical height to your landscape.
  • Bottle Tree
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    Placing empty glass bottles (wine bottles, antique bottles, colorful bottles) in the garden as a way to trap evil spirits is a Southern tradition. These days, a bottle tree is also a way to remember a special celebration or add sparkling color to a quiet spot in the garden.

  • Bottle Bush
    More Details Have fun bending and splaying the twelve “stems” of this metal bush into a pleasing design, and then add your own colorful bottles to create a unique garden sculpture. Placing empty glass bottles in the garden began as a superstition about capturing evil spirits. These days, a bottle tree is an easy, creative way to display one-of-a-kind garden art, mark a special occasion or add sparkling color to a quiet spot in the garden.
  • Colorful Bottles, Set of 6
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    The fastest and most colorful way to dress your bottle tree! Set includes three 8-3/4" bottles (one each of amber, red and cobalt blue) and three 12-1/2" bottles (one each of green, purple and orange). Three sets are required to fully adorn one Bottle Tree, sold separately, or mix and match one or two sets with your own bottles. Painted glass, intended for decorative use only. Bottles may vary slightly.

  • Solar Bottle Lantern Kit
    More Details Upcycle empty bottles to create earth-friendly solar garden lighting! The kit consists of a rubber stopper with three short LED light strings attached. Simply insert the light strings into your bottle and place the stopper in the top of the bottle. A small solar panel on the top charges the battery so that when dusk falls the twinkling LED lights begin to glow. Provides up to 5 hours of lighting on a full day's charge. ...
  • Hydro Wine Container Watering System, Set of 4
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    Put those empty wine bottles to good use watering your plants! Perfect for extended times away — or if you tend to forget to water regularly. Four terra cotta spikes hold your bottle securely, and release water slowly for up to ten days.

  • Christmas Cheer Azalea Wine Caddy
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    Bring some Christmas cheer to your holiday dinner with assorted florist azaleas! Beautifully placed in a rustic wine caddy, this bouquet is sure to be the talk of the table. Change up your holiday floral with vibrant azaleas instead of pointsettias, you will be pleasantly surprised with how long-lasting your azaleas are. Plus, azaleas are pet friendly so even Fido can enjoy the holiday floral this year!