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    Weed Puller Tools

  • Root Slayer® Nomad Spade and Weeder
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    This is a compact version of the best-selling Root Slayer® Shovel — the head is about 30% smaller — which makes it lighter weight and ideal for small spaces, raised beds, and borders. With all the sharpness and strength of the original, it's also a stellar weeder: try it on stubborn plants like knapweed, sprouted tree seedlings, dandelions, curly dock, thistles, and more!

  • Nisaku Stainless Steel Weed Sweeper
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    The Nisaku Stainless Steel Weed Sweeper is a great hand-held tool that can easily sweep away weeds in the crevices of concrete, pavers, or brick walkways. A great choice for all-around maintenance tool in your garden and landscaping work.

  • Gardener’s Lifetime Dutch Hoe
    More Details Gardener’s Lifetime Tools are handmade for us in Holland by DeWit Garden Tools, a fourth-generation, family-owned business that has been crafting fine gardening tools for more than a century. With our Dutch Hoe, you use a pushing motion to skim the blade just below the soil surface, cutting weeds off at the roots. The handle is a generous 54" long, letting you stand up straight while you work so there’s less strain on your back, ...
  • Mini Dragon™ Weed Propane Torch
    More Details ​The Mini Dragon™ Weed Propane Torch quickly and easily kills weeds in driveways and sidewalks, along fences and borders, and on patios and play areas. Operates from a standing position — much easier than bending and kneeling to pull weeds. Use instead of herbicides for chemical-free weed control. Can also be used in winter to melt snow and ice. May also be used to ignite charcoal, chimineas and campfires. Kit includes vapor torch, flame-adjusting needle ...
  • Gardener’s Lifetime Raised Bed Cultivator
    More Details Get two favorite tools in one — a swan-neck hoe on one side and a three-prong cultivator on the other. This cultivator has an 18" wooden handle, making it perfect for loosening and smoothing soil in raised beds. Like our other Gardener’s Lifetime hand tools, it's made in Holland from the finest high-carbon Swedish boron steel. Unlike flimsy tools that are stamped from thin stainless steel, this cultivator is ready for a lifetime of use ...
  • Gardener’s Lifetime Spork
    More Details This multitasking tool combines a spade and fork, making it your go-to tool for loosening soil, digging, cultivating, dividing, weeding and edging. The sharp, serrated edge cuts through tough soils, sod and roots. Perfect for slicing through surface weeds before digging and planting. The unique handle makes it efficient to push and pull through soil with minimal strain. To give it extra strength and durability, the wooden handle is bolted into the deep socket. Like ...
  • Gardener’s Lifetime Perennial Fork with Short T-Handle
    More Details A fantastic garden fork with an anti-fatigue handle — just what you'd expect from the DeWit® forge. The ash wood also gives the handle a little elasticity — which is just what you want when you need to put a little weight on it, and don't have time to worry about it snapping on you. Crafted for us in Holland by a fifth-generation, family-owned business, DeWit® tools have been the standard in gardening for more ...
  • Gardener’s 2-in-1 Short Handle Hoe and Cultivator
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    Two tools in one with a chrome-plated steel head for durability and ergonomic handle with rubberized grip for comfort. It's a practical addition to your existing tool cache. And if you know any budding gardeners, they'll appreciate the gift!

  • Gardener’s Lifetime Half-Moon Hoe
    More Details Also called a swan-neck hoe, this popular tool cuts weeds just below the soil surface. The ergonomic design lets you stand up straight while working, minimizing back strain, and the curved blade lets you work in tight spaces between plants and rows. To give it extra strength and durability, the wooden handle is bolted into the deep socket. Our Gardener’s Lifetime Half Moon Hoe is hand-forged in Holland from the finest high-carbon Swedish boron steel. ...