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    Watering Wand

    A watering wand makes it easier to reach into hanging planters. Our selection gets the job done.
  • Melnor® RelaxGrip® 8-Pattern Pivoting Watering Wand, 16”
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    Thumb control operation eliminates strain that can be caused by a squeeze trigger. The pivoting head also makes getting at hanging baskets or hard to reach areas more manageable. Multiple spray patterns give you the flexibility to gently shower delicate blooms, rinse off root veggies, or even blast the dirt off the car!

  • Mini Coil Indoor Garden Hose with Sprayer
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    Attach this handy hose to the kitchen sink faucet to water houseplants and indoor seedlings. The 50', 1/4" diameter hose weighs about 2 lbs. and coils for easy transport and storage; comes with an attached 24" wand that adjusts from a solid stream to a fine mist. Water flow rate is about 1/2 gallon per minute.

  • Easy-Flow 7-Pattern Spray Nozzle
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    Use this versatile, multi-pattern nozzle to apply a gentle mist to seedlings, then switch to a forceful jet to clean surfaces. Or select from five other spray patterns for a variety of tasks. From washing pets to cleaning tools to a cooling spray for the kids, this multi-pattern garden hose nozzle has you covered.

  • G.F. Italia Ergonomic 8-Jet Hose Nozzle with Quick Connector
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    Rotary jet selector offers eight spray patterns for everything from gentle watering to vigorous cleaning. Perhaps the best feature is the soft-touch hose connector, which allows you to interchange other nozzles in the collection with a single, leak-free click. Part of an innovative Italian line of watering products that integrate high design, engineering, and craftsmanship.

  • G.F. Italia Coil Hose Patio Kit
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    Just under 33' of kink-free hose with an 8-pattern nozzle. Part of an Italian-made watering line that's made to last, it comes with a quick-connector that lets you attach hose to tap with a single, leak-free click. Nozzle also clicks on and off, and the connector accepts all other nozzles in the G.F. Italia collection. Comes with mounting bracket for easy storage when the watering's done.

  • Faucet Kit for the CedarLast Potting Bench
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    Create an instant, dedicated outdoor faucet for your CedarLast Potting Bench — and make it the ultimate potting bench you've always wanted in the process! Use to water plants, clean pots, rinse vegetables, or fill up watering cans quickly and easily. Kit includes a length of flexible, quick-connect hose, a shower head, and a mounting bracket for easy attachment to the slatted backboard of your bench.