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    Water Barrel

    A water barrel allows you to collect rainwater for use in garden irrigation. Super earth-friendly and convenient, too. 
  • Eco Rain Flat-Back Barrel, 50 Gallon
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    Water plants the way nature intended — with rainwater! Plants thrive and you save on water bills. This barrel has a flat back so it sits flush against a wall. The spigot has a shut-off valve for hose hookup. A plastic screen keeps leaves and other debris out. And it's linkable to our other rain barrels. Black with wood-grain texture. Not for drinking water use.

  • Flat-Back Rain Barrel, Woodgrain
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    This handsome rain barrel is made of rugged polyethylene, colored and textured for a natural-wood look. It holds 50 gallons, yet snugs right up to a house or garage, thanks to its clever, flat-back design. Improved solid brass spigot is now offset from hose attachment, allowing you to fill any size watering can without awkward maneuvering.

  • Deluxe Rain Barrel, Green
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    Our largest rain barrel comes with extra features to make saving water easy and convenient. The overflow outlet diverts excess water away from your house; the safety grid on top has a removable debris screen that keeps leaves out of the water. The 4-foot hose has an on/off thumb valve and connects to a standard garden hose. Made of durable, UV-stable polyethylene with 25% recycled content.

  • 3-Part Universal Water Barrel Stand
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    Place your rain barrel on this stand to increase water pressure and to allow a watering can or bucket to be filled using the faucet on the barrel. Stand can be adjusted to suit several different sizes of rain barrel.

  • 4-Port Deluxe Rain Barrel
    More Details Collecting rainwater just makes sense: It conserves a precious resource and reduces water bills. Plus, plants love chlorine-free rainwater! Our large-capacity Deluxe Rain Barrel has smart features that make it easy and convenient. Four ports let you attach several hoses and link multiple barrels. An overflow outlet diverts excess water away, and there’s a safety grid and removable debris screen on top. It includes a 4' hose with on/off thumb valve that connects to a ...
  • Satellite Rain Barrel Pump Stand
    More Details It may or may not bring back good childhood memories (we're dating ourselves here), but it will definitely make your back happy: no more stooping down to access a hard-to-reach spigot on your rain barrel or fighting to get the watering can under it. This old-world-style pump connects to your rain barrel with the 4' connector hose, and will have the water flowing with just a few quick pumps. Fun for the kids too! Twin ...
  • Exaco Trading Slatted Rain Barrel
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    This Slatted Rain Barrel has a 92-gallon capacity and looks like real wood. Made from high grade plastic for durability and long life, the material is UV-stable and weather-resistant. This closed system keeps mosquitoes out. The rain barrel has a drain hole, a brass spigot for water access and a Universal Downspout Connection Kit (with drill bit) for use with standard rectangular downspouts.

  • Two Deluxe Rain Barrels with Linking Kit, Brown
    More Details The only thing better than collecting pure, chemical-free rainwater for your garden is collecting twice as much of it. Our Deluxe Rain Barrel is now available in this set of two at substantial savings, plus you get a free Linking Kit that lets you hook them together. Just drill a hole in each barrel, attach the linking kit, and double your rainy day savings! Includes two Deluxe Rain Barrels and Linking Kit; each barrel includes ...
  • Madison Rain Barrel
    More Details This stately rain barrel looks like handcrafted wood but it's made from high-grade polyethylene so there's no need for painting or staining. Install it under any downspout; it holds 40 gallons and includes a 4' garden hose with shut-off valve so you can easily fill a watering can. The top basin can hold colorful flowering plants or store watering accessories. Includes 3' overflow hose. Coordinates with the Fairfield Windowbox , Patio Planter and Square Planter ...
  • Exaco Trading Universal Down Spout Rain Barrel Connection Kit
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    This Universal Rain Barrel Downspout Connection Kit includes everything you need, including a drill bit, to connect your rain barrel with your downspout. Hose connection is customizable and extends up to 16”. Please note that this kit is designed to be compatible with standard round downspouts and will not correctly fit square or rectangular shaped downspouts.

  • Rain Barrel Stand
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    Elevating your rain barrel lets you easily reach spigots to fill watering cans, and it increases water pressure, too. Our stand is made from long-lasting cedar with rustproof aluminum corners. Fits all of our rain barrels and supports up to 750 pounds.

  • Bosmere Pop Up Water Tank, 73 Gal.
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    This Pop-Up Rain Barrel holds 73 gallons of water. It is made of flexible, puncture-resistant, laminated polyester. It includes a pre-installed nozzle and cap at the base for a hose connection. Save your rainwater for those dry days. Packs flat when not in use.

  • Rain Barrel Linking Kit
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    We've streamlined the design of our Linking Kit to make it easier than ever to connect two of our Deluxe Rain Barrels. Just drill a hole in each barrel, and attach washers and hose. That's it!

  • Rainwater Urn, 65 Gallon
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    This Rainwater Urn is a stylish, shapely alternative to traditional rain barrels. Made of UV-stable, scratch- and chip-resistant polyethylene, it has an appealing matte textured finish, quality spigot and 5-foot hose with shut-off valve. Removable top has a recessed basin for stowing watering accessories or displaying a potted plant.

  • Rainwater Urn, 50 Gallon
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    This Rainwater Urn is a stylish, shapely alternative to traditional rain barrels. Made of UV-stable, scratch- and chip-resistant polyethylene, it has an appealing matte textured finish, quality spigot and 4-foot hose with shut-off valve. The top has a recessed basin for stowing watering accessories or displaying a potted plant.

  • Downspout Diverter, White
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    Now it's easier than ever to save fresh rainwater for your garden using your downspout. We've adapted a popular British downspout diverter — well-regarded for its convenience and trim appearance — to fit American downspouts. The rain barrel diverter has powder-coated steel construction.