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    Wasp Trap

    Wasps can be deterred -- or they can be trapped. Here are solutions for both that are safe for use around your family and pets. 
  • Natural Wasp Deterrent, Set of 2
    More Details Turn your deck or patio into a no-fly zone with these imitation wasp nests. Research has demonstrated that wasps are territorial and avoid other nests. As this is made from paper, you need to hang it in a protected area under roof eaves or on a porch. Works for camping and picnicking too. Just hang and enjoy a wasp-free meal! Note: If a large nest has already been built, you will need to eliminate that ...
  • Dynatrap DT3039 Flying Insect Trap
    More Details Want a bug-free, bite-free home this summer? This sconce-like Dynatrap gives you safe, silent, and simple indoor insect control — plug it in and you're good to go! Long-lasting AtraktaGlo™ UV bulb will lure houseflies and other bugs for up to 3000 hours, and the cover discreetly hides the ones who succumbed to temptation. When it's full, the inner glue trap is easy to replace. Integrated AC and USB outlets (two each) mean you can ...
  • Mosquito Deterrent Diffuser
    More Details Pour the essential oil, included, into the diffuser and then set it on a table or place it in the netting to hang it anywhere you want to repel these annoying pests. The porous ceramic diffuser allows the fragrance to migrate up the sides and diffuse into the air. Protects a 200 square foot area. Add more oil every two weeks -- if you smell the pleasant-smelling oils, it's working! Great for patios, barns, garages, ...
  • Portable Mosquito Repeller
    More Details

    Want to garden, dine or read outdoors without having to slap at pesky mosquitoes? Load a geraniol cartridge into this battery-powered repeller, set on a table or railing, and turn it on. Geraniol (geranium oil) repels insects 400% more effectively than citronella — including mosquitoes, gnats and the dreaded no-see-ums — yet smells pleasant to humans.

  • Bottle Insect Traps, Set of 6
    More Details Most bugs are good bugs, and have an important role to play in the garden. Pollinators, in particular, come in all shapes and sizes. But there are times when too many bugs, like wasps, in one place become a nuisance or even dangerous. In those cases, you want to reduce the risk of being bitten, or worse, in the most earth-friendly way possible. This bottle-cap trap is a good option, especially for picnics, camping, and ...

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