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    Tiered Planter

  • VegTrug™ Poppy Go 2-Tier Planter
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    A versatile planter for smaller spaces, for veggie gardeners testing out their green thumbs for the first time, or folks who don't have the time to tend a larger garden. Its height is also ideal for elderly and wheelchair users, and any gardeners who find it difficult to kneel or bend. Stores easily when not in use.

  • Galvanized Hanging Triple Planter
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    Plant up some personality! On your porch, in your kitchen, or from a tree branch — wherever you hang this intriguing planter, it's a bold expression of your horticultural panache. Each planter has a drainage hole with a rubber plug for indoor use. Chain has an S-hook for hanging.

  • AquaSav™ Oxford 2-Tier Planter
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    A waterproof liner between two layers of natural coir make this handsome two-tier planter a standout. Made of recycled plastic, it keeps moisture locked in, so you water less often and plants stay hydrated longer. In hot weather, it makes a big difference to the health of your plants!

  • 3-Tier Strawberry Bed
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    This terraced planter strawberry bed is sized to fit 25 strawberry plants for a big yield in a small space. We've combined our own industrial-strength aluminum corners with rot-resistant cedar to give you a sturdy, easy-to-assemble raised bed at a great price. This attractive bed is also suitable for growing flowers, herbs and salad greens.

  • Stacking Self-Watering Strawberry Pot
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    Plant up some strawberries and try to contain your excitement. Whether they're destined for pies, jam, or your morning cereal, you'll soon have a bumper crop of sweet, juicy berries. Self-watering to keep roots hydrated and plants thriving. Use indoors or out in a bright, sunny spot.

  • Cedar Stacking Garden
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    At home anywhere in your yard, this tiered garden provides plenty of room for vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers. The kit includes four long-lasting cedar beds with lifetime aluminum corners: 4' x 6', 4' x 4', 2' x 4' and 2' x 2' (all 7-1/4" high), plus aluminum braces to secure the stacked beds.

  • Garden Wizard Cascade Self-Watering Raised Bed, 4’ x 4’
    More Details The Garden Wizard Cascade Self-Watering Raised Bed adds a new twist to raised bed garden design. Created with self-watering walls the Cascade adds a second tier to the planting area. Not only does this add visual interest to your landscape but it is useful for keeping plants separated, provides a deeper root area, and plants are closer requiring less reaching or bending. The walls will hold over 30 gallons of water. When you fill one ...
  • Classic Sienna Raised Garden Bed Split Waterfall Tri-Level  with 2” Boards
    More Details This Waterfall Raised Bed is an elegant addition to any backyard or garden. The tri-level design will add interest and dimension to your plantings. The durable construction uses composite boards made from 40% wood fiber and 60% recycled polypropylene, and rotating joints made using 100% recycled marine-grade ABS resin. The boards are rot-proof and won’t warp or bend from cold winters, plus they’ll keep their rich color without fading. Quick and easy assembly involves sliding ...
  • UpGarden Vertical Planter with Side Planters, 4-Tier
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    This compact, free-standing, and self-watering design offers four levels of growing. Just right for narrow porches, small decks and patios, or anywhere space is limited. Grow even more with the side planters, which are ideal for taller herbs, veggies, and flowers.

  • UpGarden Vertical Garden, 4-Tier
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    This space-saving, free-standing, self-watering design offers four levels of growing. Ideal for narrow porches, small decks and patios, or anywhere space is limited. Grow even more with the optional side planters (sold separately), which can accommodate taller plants too.