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    Tall Planters

    Discover a wide selection of tall planters in a variety of materials, heights, colors, shapes and styles. They bring height and personality to any outdoor room, porch, patio or deck. Whether you're looking for something bright and colorful or muted and natural, you will enjoy this collection. 


  • Valencia Tall Planter
    More Details The height of this sleek planter creates a perfect base for potted trees, palms and tall grasses. Create a stunning display in a narrow area with minimal effort. Graceful curves add style, and a UV filter right in the durable resin prevents the color of this pot from fading. Polyethylene is light and handles whatever the weather throws at it. Use alone as a statement piece, or coordinate with other styles in the Valencia line ...
  • Fairfield Tall Patio Planter, 34”
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    Dress up your landscape with these ultra-tall, elegant, self-watering planters. Virtually maintenance free, there's no need for annual painting or staining. With the best UV protection in the industry, these planters have a 15-year guarantee against fading. Built-in reservoirs supply a slow, steady supply of water to plant roots — just what they need for healthy, stress-free growth!

  • Fairfield Patio Planter
    More Details Dress up your landscape with these elegant, self-watering planters. They are rather tall planters at 28" high, adding some drama to your patio. With clean lines and raised panel detailing, they have the look of fine woodworking. But, unlike wooden planters these are virtually maintenance free because they're made from high quality polyethylene — there's no need for annual painting or staining. With the best UV protection in the industry, these planters have a 15-year ...
  • Kensington Self-Watering Tall Patio Planter, 25”
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    Get the look of fine woodworking in easy-to-maintain planters. High quality, UV-protected polyethylene never needs painting or staining. Built-in water reservoir reduces maintenance chores and keeps moisture consistent for healthy, thriving plants.

  • Weave Self-Watering Round Tall Planter, 12-1/2”
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    The classic, textured look of wicker but with less maintenance and a self-watering feature to keep plants healthy and hydrated. Keep tabs on the water level with the handy gauge. Refills are quick too, through a dedicated water port.

  • Cascade Tall Cedar Planter Box, 6’
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    Discover how beautiful no-bend container gardening can be! Plus, create gentle, practical separation for your deck or patio with this handsome planter box. All-natural, rot-resistant cedar is long-lasting and interior corners are reinforced with our signature lifetime aluminum supports for durability. Ample planting depth for deep-rooted flowers and veggies.

  • Cascade Tall Cedar Planter Box, 3’ with Trellis
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    Create gentle, practical separation for your deck or patio with these handsome cedar planter boxes. Train a flowering vine up the trellis and you'll have a lush, fragrant privacy screen. Plus, discover how beautiful no-bend container gardening can be! Long-lasting, naturally rot-resistant cedar. Interior corners are reinforced with our signature lifetime aluminum supports for durability.

  • Lechuza® Cubico Color 40 Tall Self-Watering Planter
    More Details A combination of elegance and modernity, the Cubico Color Self-Watering Planter's design makes the natural beauty of your plants a focal point for any space. This modern planter uses a self-watering, sub-irrigation system to nourish your plant. A supply shaft with water level indicator runs along the inside edge of the liner, making it easy to add water and liquid fertilizer while maintaining complete watering control. Users can easily monitor their water reservoir levels with ...
  • Tall Galvanized Self-Watering Trough Planter
    More Details Distinctive tall trough planter brings unique style to your patio, deck, balcony or poolside. Aluminum trim with a faux wood finish gives this ultra-durable, galvanized planter a modern edge. The patented watering system uses capillary tubes to deliver water from the built-in reservoir to keep plant roots consistently moist. Sturdy, smooth-rolling casters let you reposition it with ease. This versatile planter is great for dramatic plantings of vegetables and herbs, and is ideal for ...
  • French Anduze Tall Urn Planter
    More Details The French Anduze Urn Planter creates a natural design element and rustic allure. The planter is made of fiber stone, which has the appearance of aged stone. Fiber stone is made of sand and high quality stone particulate that is cast into the surface of the resin mold and finally is reinforced with a fiberglass backing. Each piece is hand-stained by artisans to give the appearance of aged stone. Urns and planters made of fiber ...
  • Rolling Cedar Patio Garden
    More Details Grow an abundance of food and flowers in a compact space. This lovely planter box is made of rot-resistant, sustainably-sourced cedar, and features our signature lifetime aluminum legs. Casters make it easy to roll around on your deck or patio. With a 10-1/2" planting depth, this garden box is perfect for herbs, veggies, edible flowers, or an entire salsa garden! Your back and knees will thank you, bunnies won't be able to get at your ...
  • Carolina Self-Watering Tall Planter, 28”
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    This stately planter is strong yet incredibly lightweight. The double-wall molded construction not only adds strength, but helps insulate plant roots from temperature fluctuations and extremes. A self-watering reservoir in the base helps keep plants hydrated even on hot days. UV inhibitors within the resin ensure long-lasting, fade-free performance.

  • Veradek Metallic Series Pedestal Planter, 17” x 40”
    More Details Featuring a contemporary, UV-protected finish and a modern design, the Pedestal Planter is ideal as a patio accent or as a pool focal point. Crafted from a thick gauge, fully seam-welded galvanized steel base, these planters are proven to resist weather-related cracking and rust. All Metallic Series planters are solid, yet lightweight and are protected by a strong, scratch-resistant powdercoating, ensuring that they will stand the test of time in both residential and commercial settings. ...
  • Bordeaux Patio Planter, Tall
    More Details Shapely curves add contemporary style to this bold, self-watering planter. Tall planters like these add height and drama to outdoor plantings and are perfect for flanking your entryway or garage. The self-watering tray insert creates a sub-irrigation water reservoir system that provides a slow, steady supply of water to plants -- just what they need for healthy, stress-free growth. The removable insert can also support a 10" potted plant. Insert may be removed for larger ...
  • Galvanized Self-Watering Planter Square, Short
    More Details Dress up your porch, patio, deck, balcony or poolside! Aluminum trim with a faux wood finish gives this ultra-durable, galvanized planter a modern edge. The patented watering system uses capillary tubes to deliver water from the built-in reservoir to keep plant roots consistently moist. This versatile planter is ideal for vegetables and herbs, and casters let you roll it easily to the perfect spot! It's also great for dramatic ornamental plantings or to showcase your ...
  • Vita Urbana Raised Planter Box
    More Details Distinctive design and effortless functionality, the Urbana Raised Planter delivers a sophisticated aesthetic to any home, business or outdoor space. Ideal for growing vegetables or displaying decorative plants and flowers. Crafted from a never before seen material that offers the natural look of wood, but with the lightweight durability of polymer. BPA/phthalate-free ensuring healthy, safe food production and a long product lifespan. Boards slide into posts easily and conveniently and ...
  • Demeter Mobile Planter Cart
    More Details Planted with flowers, vegetables or herbs, this mobile cart is a beautiful addition to your porch, patio or balcony. The planter box sits at a comfortable working height, making it easy to tend. And your plants are out of reach of animal pests, too. With large, 5-3/4" diameter wheels and a sturdy handle, you can easily roll it on your deck or patio to keep plants in the sun or to move it out of ...
  • VegTrug™ Herb Planter Box
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    Here's an herb planter to cozy right up to the back door. At a comfortable standing height it makes planting, tending, and harvesting more joy than chore. Individual compartments, each lined with a permeable grow bag, keep herbs separate and easier to manage. If you need to replace one, or want to start one earlier than the rest, you won't have to worry about disturbing the roots of other plants around it.

  • Elevated Cedar Planter Box, 4’ x 4’
    More Details At 29" high, this attractive cedar planter is the perfect height for easy growing, eliminating the need to stoop, bend, kneel and reach. It's a generous 9-1/4" deep so you can grow big plants like tomatoes and root crops like carrots. With 16 square feet of growing space, there's plenty of room for multiple crops, yielding a generous harvest. Set up one or more of these beds on your patio to create a convenient kitchen ...
  • Eco-Stained Elevated Cedar Planter Box, 2’ x 4’
    More Details Our beloved elevated planter box is now as beautiful as it is functional. Built to last from rot- and pest-resistant North American cedar, it's then coated with a life-extending stain that's protective, food-safe, and eco-friendly. Made with whey — a by-product of our home state's robust cheesemaking industry — it provides premium moisture-, mold- and UV-protection. 10" planting depth accommodates a variety of crops, from tall tomatoes to root-crops like carrots. Slatted box base allows ...
  • Bloem Grecian Urn Planters Collection, Set Of 3
    More Details Give your home an elegant appearance with this three-piece classic urn planter set. Grecian urns are beautifully designed and are perfect for outdoor and indoor use. All three planters come with removable pedestal stands. Display together in a group or individually around your home and garden. Urns make wonderful accents to entryways, gardens, patios, and decks. Detachable base for easy storage. Timeless design to give your home the perfect look. Set includes one tall pedestal ...
  • Lechuza® Rondo 40 Self-Watering Planter
    More Details The Lechuza Rondo offers you a round column planter whose perfectly designed finish harmonizes with the popular Lechuza Classico family. Use this tall planter alone as a centerpiece, or create groupings to conveniently showcase your plantscape in interior spaces that require a dense arrangement of plants and flowers. Due to this plant container's generous planting depth, even larger plants have plenty of room to flourish. This planter gives plantscapers a wide variety of interior design ...
  • Elevated Cedar Planter Box and Space-Maker Pivoting Trellis Set, 2’ x 8’
    More Details Streamlined 2' x 8' planter box fits anywhere, so you can create a convenient kitchen garden or a stunning flower display. Waist-high for easy planting, tending and harvesting, it's big enough for tomatoes and deep enough for carrots. Like our other made-in-Vermont cedar planters, the sides are held in place with our lifetime aluminum corners. The 8' Space-Maker Pivoting Trellis consists of two panels that you can adjust independently. In the vertical position, the trellis ...
  • Appian Vessel Urn Planter
    More Details Adorn the garden with a Grecian touch and get the Appian Vessel Planter. It is constructed using fiber stone that enables years of durability and efficiency. Hand-painted with a distressed white finish, the planter is perfect for traditional settings. It is available with and without a drainage hole. An urn shaped design, it sports exquisite floral themed detailing and a stunning columned pattern. The Appian Vessel Planter is eco-friendly and has minimal impact on the ...
  • Nest Elevated Planter 18” x 36”
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    No-bend gardening that’s self-watering too? Yes! Rotationally molded high-density polyethylene is lightweight, stylish, and durable. Smart design features include an overflow spout so you don't need to worry about overwatering. Indicators will also let you know when it’s running low. Use alone, or with trellises and greenhouse cover, sold separately.

  • Gronomics Cedar Vertical Planter
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    Gardening is even easier with Vertical Gardening. With a small footprint, just 2 square feet, it’s possible to have a garden just about anywhere. Comes pre-assembled and includes a drip line irrigation system, so you can water less and enjoy growing more!

  • Lechuza® Cubico Cottage Wicker Planter 40
    More Details Elevate your plants with this tall Lechuza® Cubico Cottage Wicker Self-Watering Planter. The basketweave texture coordinates with other Lechuza Cottage Wicker planters and accents any landscape or home decor. A removable liner slips into the outer pot for tidy planting and care. The all-in-one set includes a layer of specially formulated granular material, called Lechuza PON, that's made from nutrient-enriched pumice, zeolites and lava. The clean, attractive material wicks water up ...
  • Lechuza® Delta Premium 40 Self-Watering Planter
    More Details The Delta series combines a contemporary triangular shape with the advanced technology of a Lechuza planter. Made from commercial-quality polystyrene, this tall column planter is UV- and shatter-resistant. With the use of the sub-irrigation system, plant maintenance becomes child's play. Simply fill the water reservoir and enjoy your creation as the self-watering Delta supplies your plants and flowers with just the right amount of water to flourish for weeks. The Delta's unique design and ...
  • Galvanized Self-Watering Elevated Bed, 45” x 45”
    More Details Grow an attractive and productive flower, herb or vegetable garden right outside your door! Generously sized and ultra-durable, this elevated bed is easy to tend, and keeps plants out of the reach of hungry rabbits and curious cats. The galvanized sides and faux wood finish on the aluminum trim gives it a modern edge. The patented self-watering system uses capillary tubes to deliver water from the reservoir to the soil to keep roots consistently moist ...
  • Lechuza® Premium High Gloss Cubico 40 Planter
    More Details A combination of elegance and modernity, the Cubico Premium offers a classic cubic shape that naturally fits into a variety of decor styles. Showcasing a beautiful hi-gloss finish, this planter is the perfect addition to any home. Like most Lechuza planters, the Cubico Cottage comes equipped with an easy-to-lift liner that makes planting simple and a signature water reservoir that supplies water to your plants as needed, extending time between watering and allowing plants to ...
  • Corten Steel Span Planter, 30”  x 12” x 24”
    More Details Featuring a rusted patina finish and a modern rectangular design, the Span Planter is ideal as a patio accent or as a room divider. Crafted from a heavy gauge, fully seam-welded Corten steel base, these Veradek Metallic Series planters are proven to resist weather-related issues such as cracking in both winter and summer months. The planter’s steel base ensures that the structure will only exhibit surface rust for aesthetic purposes and never rust through over ...
  • Eco-Stained Elevated Cedar Planter Box, 2’ x 8’
    More Details Our most popular elevated planter box is now even better! As beautiful as it is functional, we've added a life extending, earth-friendly stain to the already naturally rot- and pest-resistant North American cedar. Adding a subtle hue, our colorwash is made with whey — a by-product of cheesemaking — and protects your raised planter from moisture, mold, and UV damage. A generous 10" planting depth accommodates plants of many varieties, from tall tomatoes to deep-rooted ...