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    Tall Garden Trellises

    Clematis, roses and sweet peas are all vigorous climbers that will appreciate the support of a truly tall trellis.
  • Panacea Giant Garden Trellis, 9’
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    The diamond-shaped grid of this wall trellis offers plenty of attachment points for your large vines, climbing plants, and flowers. Perfect for vining hydrangeas, moon flowers, and scarlet runner beans.

  • Vertex Wall Trellis, 97”
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    If you have a space that's crying out for a wall trellis, consider this one. Some trellises install so close to the wall they prevent airflow, which can cause mildew. Our innovative design gives you complete depth control simply by adjusting the spacing of your attachment points. The base trellis is approximately 39" W installed. Extensions, sold separately, each add an additional approximately 13" in width.

  • Vertex Wall Trellis Extension, 97”
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    If your 97" tall Vertex Wall Trellis is a hair too narrow, make it the perfect width with an extension or two. Rustproof aluminum will never lose its good looks, and can be left up year-round. Perfect for climbing vines like beans, peas, snapdragons, clematis and more. GSC Exclusive.

  • CedarLast Obelisk, 7’-6”
    More Details True obelisks are crafted from a single stone, and are really, really hard to build. Not this one! Once you've got it together, enjoy its dramatic effect anywhere — with or without plants! The natural cedar frame provides beauty with visual interest. During growing season, it gives vines ample height to scale and is ideal for climbing roses, clematis, morning glories, runner beans — even hops! The generous 27" square footprint allows ventilation on all ...
  • Garden Maypole Plant Support
    More Details More than a beanpole, our maypole is a crowning centerpiece for your garden. Use it as a space-saving support for pole beans or for climbing flowers like morning glories. The handsome crown has 15 hooks and sits atop an 83" high pole. Simply string jute garden twine (included) between the hooks and ground pegs to create a cone-shaped support. Once the harvest is over, you can toss the plants, biodegradable twine and all, into the ...
  • Titan Teepee Trellis
    More Details The sturdiest, simplest, longest-lasting plant teepee you'll ever own. The Titan Teepee Trellis provides a full 82" inches of above-ground support for your favorite vines. Made of polyethylene-coated steel, it will handle years, even decades, of heavy crops as well as the weather's worst behavior. And assembly couldn't be easier — just slip the top and bottom sections together and "plant" into the ground. Makes a handsome addition to your garden while freeing up planting ...
  • Rose Trellis
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    Make a stunning statement with this tall rose trellis. Create an entire wall of flowers or ivy, and perhaps even accent it with lights for evening or holiday enchantment! Use as a standalone or connect multiples for more impact. Setup is simple, though due to its size, we recommend having one or two people to help and installing it on flat, even-ground. Self-staking with back-brace for stability.

  • Rose Trellis Connector
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    Make an impact by connecting multiples of our Rose Trellis to create an expansive wall of climbing vines, flowers, or ivies. Leave it up year-round and accent it with fairy lights for evening or holiday enchantment! Setup is simple: just connect between two trellises with four bolts and you're done! Best assembled and installed on flat, even ground.

  • Circle Wall Trellis
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    Trellis where you’ve never trellised before! This fun trellis comes in three pieces that you can arrange any way you like on a wall, around a window or over a door — wherever you want your vines to climb. It doubles as year-round wall art, too. Three-piece set; use the pieces together or separately. Includes mounting brackets that hold trellis 2" from wall for good air circulation. Mounting screws are not included.

  • Akoris Garden Tuteur Sr.
    More Details Create an instantly stylish garden with this contemporary obelisk topped with a sculptural stainless steel sphere by Terra Trellis. Use to train plants that climb or need support, or place in the garden for simple architectural punch. During the off-season, this tuteur becomes a striking work of art. Designed and hand-crafted in the U.S. from steel and stainless steel cable, finished in brilliant water-resistant powdercoat colors or a natural oxide patina. A sturdy structure for ...
  • Enchanted Woods Obelisk, 7’
    More Details Inspired by our own trees, this obelisk seems to spring magically from the earth. It even includes a flock of sweet little ceramic birds to keep watch over your garden's secrets. Twig shaped nubs provide them safe and secure perches. Wrap the obelisk with delicate strands of fairy lights (sold separately) to create nighttime magic and mystique before your vines grow in. Note: birds are ceramic and cannot withstand frigid temperatures. Bring them inside to ...
  • Annabel Tipi Trellis
    More Details A fun, modern take on the classic garden tipi by Terra Trellis. Designed and hand-crafted in the U.S. from steel and finished in brilliant water-resistant powder-coated colors or a natural oxide patina. Allows edible or ornamental plants to weave throughout, creating a spectacular natural tapestry while providing sturdy support in garden or on the patio. Doubles as a work of modern art when plants are dormant. Knocks down into three parts for easy transport/storage. Base ...
  • Essex Tuteur, 78”
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    Clematis, morning glories and other vines grow up and over the umbrella-shaped top of this sturdy trellis, and then drape gracefully for a stunning display. The trellis's clean lines and unique shape let plants take center stage. We recommend securing with Extra-Tall Earth Staples, sold separately.

  • Tall Expandable Pea Trellis
    More Details Everybody loves fresh peas, but supporting them with poles, twine and netting can be a hassle. Our sturdy pea trellis is an easy solution. Each trellis has eight hinged panels with big 8" grids. Simply zig-zag the panels through your row of peas and push them into the ground (add a stake on each end in windy locations). Total length 9'-8" fully expanded by 64" high installed. These trellises are reusable year after year, and ...
  • Honeycomb Pot Trellis
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    Support your climbing, flowering vines and keep endangered honeybees in mind at the same time. This honeycomb-shaped trellis is sized just right for containers and will keep your pollinator garden, small and tall, looking fabulous!

  • Honeycomb Trellis, Large
    More Details The honeycomb design of this large, freestanding trellis doubles as art — especially while your plants are growing in. Self-staking, it stands almost six feet tall and, when placed in front of a wall, breaks up a large, blank space. If you love the look of a wall trellis but don't want to undertake a permanent installation, this is a lovely option. Train a pollinator-friendly flowering vine up the trellis and it'll be even sweeter! ...
  • Bean Tower
    More Details Grow an incredible amount of beans with our tallest, strongest and sturdiest bean trellis tower. The secret is thicker supports coupled with 10" legs that hold the structure securely in the ground. The Bean Tower in our test garden yielded a fantastic harvest between mid-July and late September — in just 1-1/2 square feet! Supports are 5 mm thick with 3.5 mm crosspieces. Openings are 7-1/2" square to allow easy harvesting. In windy locations, we ...
  • Achla Designs Square-on-Squares Double Pole Trellis
    More Details The Square-on-Squares Double Pole trellis makes an impression with or without climbing plants. Nearly 7 feet tall, it brings a pair of bountiful hanging baskets up to eye level, even from afar. Use them to mark your garden entrance or line a drive with colorful blooms. The Square-on-Squares Collection features a distinctly contemporary aesthetic of clean, simple designs made with overlapping right-angles. The many pieces available in this collection can be used to create a ...