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    Steel Tray Stand

  • Plant Stand with Galvanized Tray
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    Even if you have great aim, sometimes you can't avoid spills when watering your houseplants. This rectangular stand is paired with a sturdy, galvanized tray that catches all those splashes in stride. It won't rust, bow, leak, or let you (or your plants!) down. Lifts off for cleanup. Makes a great indoor potting station too!

  • Essex Butler’s Tray Stand
    More Details The newest addition to our Vermont-designed Essex collection of stands and supports, this update of an old classic is beautifully executed. Watertight tray catches spills — be they from hastily giving your plants a drink, or missing the teacup as you pour from the pot. Tray also lifts off, so you can easily move the stand from room to room or from house to porch. (Great for serving tea on the lawn too.) Note: tray ...
  • Achla Designs Argyle Plant Stand, 12”
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    This plant stand takes its diamond-shaped design from the traditional two-tone argyle knitting pattern thought to have originated in the historic Scottish county of the same name. The design keeps it light and airy, allowing it to hold a range of planters, and making the style appropriate for use indoors and out.

  • Achla Designs Achla Designs Argyle Plant Stand, 24”
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    These Argyle Plant Stands take their diamond-shaped pattern from the traditional two-tone knitting pattern thought to have originated in the historic Scottish county of the same name. The design of these plants stands keeps them light and airy, allows them to hold a range of containers, and makes their style appropriate for use indoors and out.

  • Galvanized Tray for Bamboo LED Light Gardens
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    Custom-designed for our Bamboo LED Grow Light Gardens series, these galvanized trays are stylish, waterproof, and they won't rust or warp. Each light stand comes with a base tray; get an additional one to create a top shelf or as an interchangeable work surface when you're potting up seed trays or transplanting. Also turns the coordinating rolling base, sold separately, into a plant caddy!

  • Bamboo Rolling Plant Tray
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    Indoor pots can be a pain to move. Especially if you have more than a single caddy can handle. This sturdy tray makes it easy to roll several houseplants into the light, move them out of the way for cleaning, rotate them for watering, or just move them, period. Coordinates beautifully with your interior decor and our award-winning Bamboo LED Grow Light Collection.

  • Medium Round Copper Plant Tray, 12”
    More Details Simply elegant, watertight plant tray brings the warmth of copper to your indoor garden. So versatile, you'll enjoy it in every season. Use it as a saucer to showcase your favorite plants while protecting surfaces from water damage. Fill with stones, add water and you have an instant humidity tray for orchids or herbs. Create a unique dish garden and living tablescape by planting with succulents and other small plants. Arrange curios or votives for ...