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    Soil Test Kit

  • NPK Test Kit
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    If your plants are looking sickly and stunted, but no pests are evident, poor nutrition may be to blame. This NPK Soil Test Kit tells you exactly which fertilizer you need – nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium.

  • pH Soil Tester
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    Plants need the right pH levels to absorb nutrients no matter how much you fertilize. Is your garden all that it can be? This easy pH Soil Tester takes the guesswork out of knowing the pH of your gardens for best plant performance.

  • Grow Care Stick, Small
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    Analyze and track plant growth, and get expert tips on how to better take care of your flowers, plants, vegetables, and herbs. Free mobile app connects a robust database of 5,000+ different flowers and plants with individual care recommendations. A handy Temporary Care feature also gives friends and family the confidence to take care of your plants while you’re away. Battery life of up to a year.

  • WaterEase Soil Moisture Sensor
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    This soil moisture sensor works with our WaterEase Programmable Timer, sold separately, to provide customized watering for your plants. Simply set the control knob to one of five levels to accommodate your plants' particular moisture requirements. Prevents overwatering when soil is wet.

  • Soil Acidifier, 6 Lbs.
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    Applying organic, elemental garden sulfur is a safe and effective way to lower soil pH. Sulfur is also an important soil nutrient for promoting disease resistance.

  • Garden Lime, 6-3/4 Lbs.
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    Stunted growth and yellowed leaves can indicate your soil is too acidic for plants to absorb the nutrients they need for healthy growth. Adding lime will bring pH levels into a more neutral range. This is the finest grade garden lime you can buy. It reacts quickly yet gently, and is pelletized for easy application. We recommend a soil test before application.

  • Greensand 0-1-6 Fertilizer, 5 Lbs.
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    Fertilize your roses with greensand to prolong their blooms next year. Roses and other flowers thrive on greensand because it supplies marine potash, silica, iron oxide, magnesia, lime, phosphoric acid and 22 trace minerals. It's also a boon for tomato lovers, because it has the vitamins and minerals that tomato plants need to produce abundant, intensely flavored fruit.

  • Soil Power Organic Earthworm Castings, 5 Lbs.
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    Widely considered by gardeners to be one of the best materials for improving soil health, earthworm castings increase soil fertility and add trace minerals that are vital to optimal plant growth. Nutrients in worm castings, especially organic ones, are superior to commercial and chemical fertilizers and friendlier for the earth, too. If you don't have your own worm farm supplying you with black gold, this is a great alternative.

  • Energy Buttons, 5 Lbs.
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    Give your garden a boost with the powerful nourishment of aged manure without the hassles. Simply sprinkle these fertilizer pellets right from the pail for slow-release energy. Rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, potash and calcium, they're great for vegetable plants and container gardens.