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    Small Square Planter

  • Viva Small Square Self-Watering Planter
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    This sleek, petite pot is part of our popular line of self-watering Viva Planters. It's small enough for plant stands or tabletop displays, and it tucks neatly into a sunny nook, indoors or out. Like all our Viva Self-Watering Planters, it contains a reservoir that provides plants with the moisture they need, and allows you to water less frequently. Includes drainage hole with plug.

  • Viva Self-Watering Rolling Planter, Square Small
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    Stylish square planters add a punch of color and instant drama to your deck, patio or balcony. Planters have built-in casters, so you can roll them to a sunny spot on the deck, and then out of the way for a party. Self-watering pots minimize maintenance chores and provide plants with the consistent supply of moisture they need to thrive. Made from UV-stabilized polypropylene, they'll keep their bright, high-gloss finish for years.

  • Veradek Corten Steel Cube Planter, 21”
    More Details Featuring a rusted patina finish and a modern square design, the Corten Cube planter is ideal as a patio accent or as a front entrance focal point. Crafted from a heavy gauge, fully seam-welded Corten steel base, these planters are proven to resist weather-related issues such as cracking in both winter and summer months. In addition, they're equipped with Styrofoam™ insulation to help ensure that plants stay healthy in both hot and cold extremes. The ...
  • Veradek Metallic Series Cube Planter, 17”
    More Details Featuring a contemporary, UV-protected finish and a modern square design, these cube planters are ideal as a patio accent or as front entrance focal points. Crafted from thick gauge, fully seam-welded galvanized steel, all Veradek Metallic Series planters are proven to resist weather-related cracking and rust. They're solid yet lightweight, and are protected by a strong, scratch-resistant powdercoating, ensuring that they will stand the test of time in residential and commercial settings. ...
  • Solar Illuminated Planter, Small Square
    More Details By day, it's an elegant, frosted white planter. At dusk, the show begins as it illuminates from within. Solar-powered; no outlet or extension cord needed. An easy-to-reach switch on the solar panel lets you choose color-changing or select one color. 18 LEDs glow for 6 to 8 hours on a full charge. The solar panel is mounted on a 10' cable so you can place it in full sun and display the planter in shade. ...
  • Fairfield Square Planter
    More Details Dress up your patio, deck or landscape with these elegant self-watering planters. With clean lines and raised panel detailing, they have the look of fine woodworking. But unlike wooden planters these are virtually maintenance free because they're made from high quality polyethylene — there's no need for annual painting or staining. With the best UV protection in the industry, these 20" square planters have a 15-year guarantee against fading. They have built-in reservoirs to supply ...
  • Pop-Out Pots, Set of 4
    More Details Starting from seed? Pop-Out Pots are the secret to seedlings that are primed for explosive growth in the garden! Transplant young seedlings from seed starting trays into our self-watering Pop-Out Pots and they’ll grow so much larger and healthier. When it’s time to set plants in the garden, Pop-Out Pots also eliminate transplant shock. Simply lift the fabric capillary strips to “pop out” plants without disturbing roots. We "thought like a plant" when we designed ...
  • Square Rolling Stone Planter, Small
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    Even up close, these planters look like real stone, but they're made from durable, lightweight polypropylene. We took our best-selling Viva Rolling Planters and added a contemporary coating that resembles stone or concrete. The self-watering system has a large-capacity reservoir to reduce watering chores. Recessed, integrated casters make them easy to move on deck or patio.

  • Terrazza Square Planter, Bronze
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    Our exclusive Italian Terrazza Square Planters offer classic styling with self-watering convenience. In Italy, where style is everything, these innovative planters beautify residential terraces, side-street cafes, hotel lobbies and hotel courtyards. The compact yet hardworking Terrazza Square Planter is a customer favorite. Make the planter mobile with optional casters, sold separately (each planter requires one set).

  • Estate Teak Planter, Square 24”
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  • Universal Square Saucer, 12-3/4”
    More Details You might think that run-of-the-mill saucer is doing its job of protecting your floor, but on moving your potted plant you could discover that the flimsy saucer leaked, causing expensive water damage. Prevent mishaps with these super-sturdy saucers you can trust. With distinctive, inward-sloped sides, our saucers are attractive accents for your potted plants and more importantly, you can count on them to contain moisture. Ridges on the saucer's surface elevate the pot slightly so ...
  • Square Planter Pouch for 4” Potted Plant
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    Add new life to tired planter arrangements with these stylish pouches made from earth-friendly, recycled Italian leather. Simply place your 4" nursery pot in the bag, then roll the top down to the desired height. Water seeps through the bottom for proper drainage. Use a saucer, not included, to protect surfaces.

  • Square Planter Pouch for 6” Potted Plant
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    Bring fresh style to plain plastic pots with these clever pouches. They're made from earth-friendly, recycled Italian leather. Simply place your 6" nursery pot in the bag, then roll the top down to the desired height. Water seeps through the bottom for proper drainage. Use a saucer, not included, to protect surfaces.

  • VegTrug™ Tapered Square Planter, 20”
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    Be a square! Our friends at VegTrug™ came up with this fun new take on the traditional whiskey barrel planter. Same clean construction, wooden staves, metal bands, and rot-proof bottom in a stylish new shape.

  • Eco-Stained Elevated Cedar Planter Box, 2’ x 2’
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    The cornerstone of our modular box-and-bench system, this 2' x 2' cedar planter box features the same lifetime aluminum legs as our other signature elevated raised beds. Rot- and pest-resistant cedar sides are stained with a food-safe protectant. On its own, it's perfect for a kitchen herb garden. Or try multiples for different plant types and to create a lovely seating arrangement on your deck or patio (bench component sold separately).

  • Lechuza® Quadro LS Premium 21 Self-Watering Square Planter
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    The Lechuza Quadro hosts a sophisticated design with high plant volume. This square floor planter's sleek silhouette is the perfect addition to contemporary interior landscapes. Resistant to UV rays and breakage, the Quadro is manufactured with high quality, high density plastic. Use this flower pot as a stand alone planter or use in a group with alternative sizes to create eye catching displays.

  • Lechuza® Cube Premium 50 Planter
    More Details Simple lines in elegant style. Your large, tall plants will feel right at home. The trendy colors of CUBE harmonize perfectly with lush green houseplants. LECHUZA's sub-irrigation system takes care of your plants for you, ensuring that they receive the right amount of water and nutrients they need for optimum growth. The inner liner has handles for easy removal and transport of larger plants. Also included with this planter is the Lechuza specially-formulated plant substrate, ...
  • Lechuza® Cube Cottage 50 Wicker Planter
    More Details This bold Lechuza® Cube Cottage Wicker planter anchors a space, indoors or out. Small trees and large houseplants thrive in these large-capacity, easy-care planters. The basketweave texture coordinates with other Lechuza Cottage Wicker Planters for a coordinated look. A removable liner with hidden handles makes planting and maintenance easy. This all-in-one planter includes a specially formulated granular substrate, called Lechuza PON, that's made from nutrient-enriched pumice, ...
  • 2’ x 2’ Elevated Cedar Planter Box, Natural
    More Details The cornerstone of our modular box-and-bench system, this 2' x 2' cedar planter box features the same lifetime aluminum legs as our other signature elevated raised beds. Cedar sides and bottom are rot- and pest-resistant and will weather to a beautiful silvery grey. On its own, it's perfect for a kitchen herb garden. Or try multiples for different plant types and to create a lovely seating arrangement on your deck or patio. Bench component sold ...
  • 2” Square Biodegradable Pots, 36 Cells
    More Details No more transplant shock or discarding plastic pots. These 100% biodegradable pots provide the perfect environment for starting seeds of all sorts — but their best feature becomes apparent at transplant time, when you can set plant, pot and all, right into the garden. As soon as the pots are placed in the soil, they rapidly biodegrade, allowing roots to grow freely. Plus, the pots contain no glue or binders, so they're ideal for organic ...
  • 3-1/2” Square Biodegradable Pots & Tray Set
    More Details Transplanting is a touchy time for young plants — but here's a way to transition young plants happily outdoors. Simply start your seeds in this convenient set of biodegradable, plantable pots. When the time comes to transplant your seedlings, settle them gently into the garden — pot and all. The wood fibers immediately begin to biodegrade, ensuring adequate moisture and aeration as well as restriction-free root growth. Also eliminates the need to discard plastic pots. ...
  • 2” Square Biodegradable Pots and Tray Set
    More Details Spare delicate seedlings the setback of transplant shock when you start them in biodegradable pots you can plant right into your garden. There's no need to disrupt roots and handling is kept to an absolute minimum, so even the touchiest young plants make a smooth transition. And once the pots are in the soil, they quickly start to biodegrade, so roots can grow without restriction. Wood fiber pots are made in France from sustainably grown ...
  • 3-1/2” Square Biodegradable Pots, Set of 18
    More Details Too often, transplanting seedlings into the garden seriously sets them back. These biodegradable pots help smooth the transition. They're made from wood fiber that's amply sturdy for starting seeds, yet rapidly biodegrades once placed in soil. So you can place plant and pot into the garden without disrupting the plant or damaging tender roots. The pots are made in France from sustainably grown wood without glue or binders, so they're suitable for organic gardening (OMRI-listed). ...
  • 16” Square Elevated Cedar Garden Bed
    More Details Create a compact patio garden with the Square Cedar Elevated Cedar Garden Bed. The elevated design means you can grow a lush garden without ever bending over. With deep soil depth you can grow healthy plants, herbs, and vegetables. The bed is made out of chemical-free and naturally rot-resistant North American cedar. The time-tested and proven dovetail design assembles easily with a rubber mallet. The bed even comes with a fabric liner. After assembling the ...
  • Bardo Square Planter,  Medium
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    Clean lines and a generous planting depth make the Campania International Bardo Square Planter perfect for your outdoor setting. Innovative construction materials ensure lightweight durability. This square planter comes in size and finish options, making it easy to find the right fit for your landscape design.

  • Square Waterproof Planter Caddy, 11-1/2”
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    Built to make moving heavy planters easier on your back and to take weather in stride, this wood-and-polypropylene planter caddy rolls easily. Waterproof with a built-in UV-blocker; non-slip surface and locking casters for added security. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Square Loft Planter Caddy, 10-1/2”
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    No more heavy lifting to make sure that your plants are growing straight or getting enough light! This rolling planter caddy looks great and supports up to 220 pounds. Smooth-rolling casters. Made in Germany from responsibly sourced wood.

  • Square Vintage Planter Caddy, 15-3/4”
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    Round planter caddies work wonderfully with round containers, but planters come in all shapes and sizes. Enter the high-capacity square caddy! Engineered to roll even heavy planters with ease, it features a slip-resistant top to keep pots onboard, smooth-rolling wheels for a gentle ride, and a water-repellent finish that also resists UV damage, making it a great choice for indoors or out.

  • Cumberland Square Planter, Small
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    The Cumberland Square Planter is just what your yard or entryway needs! This lightweight, clay composite planter has ample planting space and a great neutral color which allows any flower planted within it to really pop! Its simple design blends with any outdoor setting. Plant bright flowers on your doorstep or decorate your patio with this classically styled planter.