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    Small Greenhouse

  • Springfield Greenhouse
    More Details Go ahead, plant ALL the seeds in your seed packets! This steel-frame hothouse will take all your seed trays PLUS has additional floor space for any accessories or tools you want to keep close by. Step inside and you'll have plenty of headroom to work. Protective fabric shields plants against chills, wind, and heavy rains, but still lets ample sunlight through to promote healthy growth. It's also an excellent space to harden off young plants ...
  • Tomato Greenhouse
    More Details If you live in a cooler climate, your tomato season can be frustratingly short! This hothouse is designed to cover up to four plants, so you can plant outside earlier, or keep growing even after the weather cools. Tend to your plants via the large, easy-access panel on the front. Side vents promote airflow on warmer days. Guy wires attach to sewn-in tabs and stakes to keep everything in place. When summer arrives, take the ...
  • Vegtrug™ Patio Greenhouse
    More Details

    Standing more than 5' tall, this greenhouse protects loads of seedlings and houseplants from chills and wind. There are four shelves, each with adjustable slats. Spread the slats evenly across the shelf, or slide them all to one side to accommodate taller plants on the shelf below. Polyethylene cover with zippered roll-up door for easy access and ventilation on warm days.

  • Mini Greenhouse
    More Details Want to maximize your growing season but don't have the space or budget for a permanent greenhouse? This is an ideal solution! Four shelves offer ample room for seedling trays. The zippered front panel rolls up and secures with ties for easy access to your plants. Open, it will help facilitate air flow to help seedlings grow strong stems. Closed, it fully protects them against wind and light frosts. If you make a mess, just ...
  • Sunbubble Greenhouse
    More Details The Sunbubble is a fun and versatile addition to your landscape. Use it in spring to start seeds, harden off seedlings and protect young plants from cold temperatures and harsh winds. Use it again in fall to protect plants from early cold spells. Or place a few chairs or a picnic table inside and soak in the warmth on a sunny-but-chilly spring day. The air inside the ​Sunbubble warms up quickly, and the curved shape ...
  • Adjustable Super Hoops, Set of 3
    More Details Self-staking hoops anchor securely into the ground. Thumb screw at the base allows you to set hoops at the height you need, and raise them as plants grow. Double-wire design makes a sturdy support for protective fabric. We recommend placing the hoops 3 to 4 feet apart and combining with our Garden Quilt, All-Purpose or Summer Weight fabrics. Also works well with bird, insect, or shade netting. When installed in a 4' wide bed, the ...
  • Grow House® Greenhouse
    More Details This beautiful elevated bed includes a matching cold frame top to protect plants from harsh weather, making it perfect for starting seeds, hardening off transplants, and growing greens and other cool-season crops. The 2' x 8' elevated bed is easy to plant, tend and harvest without kneeling or bending. There's a false floor made of cedar slats, set 10" down from the top so there's plenty of root space for vegetables and flowers. Excess water ...
  • Cedar Cold Frame
    More Details Sized to fit neatly atop our 2' x 8' Elevated Cedar Raised Bed, this attractive cold frame may also be used on the ground to start seeds, harden off transplants, and grow greens and other cool-season crops. The narrow footprint makes it ideal for setting up along your driveway or walkway, or install it next to your house. The base is made from rot-resistant cedar with aluminum corners. The top is made with polycarbonate panels ...
  • Palram Harmony™ Greenhouse, 6’ x 6’
    More Details A compact greenhouse that's attractive, functional and sturdy. Crystal-clear panels let in 90% of sunlight and are 100% UV-protected so they won't yellow. Start your own vegetables and annual flowers from seed, harden off indoor-grown plants, propagate perennial cuttings, and nurture tropical plants even when the weather gets chilly. Long-lasting galvanized steel base and aluminum frame, with a magnetic swinging door that locks. Top vent allows for increased air circulation and excess heat ...
  • Row Shelter Accelerator
    More Details Garden row covers protect transplants from cold temperatures and chilly winds, so you can set plants out in the garden weeks earlier in spring. You’ll be amazed at how much faster plants grow — which means an earlier harvest! The top is made from mesh to allow warm air to escape, preventing overheating, and it also lets water in. Made from durable, reinforced greenhouse fabric. Sets up in seconds; flattens for easy off-season storage. Loops ...