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    Shade Plants

  • Visions Astilbe
    More Details Shade becomes a blessing when you discover Visions Chinese Astilbe! This stunning plant lights up dark spaces with its sparkling purple-pink blooms. The tiny flowers, massed together in perky, upright plumes, have a special way of radiating what little light comes their way. When not in flower, the plants remain handsome, clothed in deep bronze-green foliage that stays clean and dapper all season long. Use visions as a colorful component in a north-facing foundation bed, ...
  • Rheinland Astilbe
    More Details Transform a shady, damp, neglected part of your yard into a lush, colorful garden space! Rheinland Astilbe shines in such conditions, and it should be at the top of your list when you’re deciding what to plant. Ample moisture makes Reinland produce lots of jagged, glossy, dark green leaves and loads of rich pink flowers. The blooms, held above the foliage in dense pyramidal clusters, appear during that blissful season between spring and summer. It’s ...
  • Merlin Lenten Rose
    More Details For weeks in winter, the world is gray, brown, white, beige. Blossoms have become only a memory,and the birds have stopped singing. Finally, one day, something magical happens. Against all odds, a few brave plants open their charming blooms—much to the delight of our flower-starved eyes. Merlin Hellebore is one of those marvelous plants. Before the frost is out of the ground, it is sending up sweet pink flower buds over dark evergreen foliage. The ...
  • Blue Mouse Ears Hosta, 1 Pack
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    Blue Mouse Ears are easily grown in evenly moist, organically rich, well-drained soils. A symmetrical mound of small, heart-shaped foliage with a slight curl that resemble mouse ears. The soft blue-gray leaves have a faint white edge in early spring. Hostas are exceedingly popular perennials in today's gardens due to their versatility in the landscape. These can grow in full shade or partial shade.

  • Applecourt Painted Fern
    More Details Celebrate shade! Having a colorful garden can be a challenge if you’ve got shade, but the Apple Court Painted Fern turns shade into an asset, making sun-challenged spaces sing. This sweet spirit features jade-green foliage dusted with silver and accented with garnet-red and purple markings. It closely resembles the beloved Japanese Painted Fern, but Apple Court has something extra—the ends of its fronds have a fringe that’s ruffled and twisted. Plant this fancy but easy-to-grow ...
  • Japanese Painted Fern
    More Details Got shade? Liven it up with the colorful fronds of Japanese Painted Fern. This perky spirit makes shady spaces sparkle. Who needs flowers? It works its magic with foliage alone. Each lacy frond is “painted” with a wash of cool mint green, then frosted with an overlay of metallic silver and accented with rich burgundy and purple pigment along the midribs. And you thought ferns were just green! Plant Japanese Painted Fern in a woodland ...
  • Peach Blossom Astilbe
    More Details Got shade? Peach Blossom Astilbe will make your shade garden shine. This sensational plant brightens up dark spaces with graceful spikes of soft rose-pink flowers, the color of a Georgia Peach orchard in spring. The blooms come at a welcome time—when actual peach blossoms, bulbs, and other spring flowers have finished blooming, but summertime flowers have not yet begun. Plant a clump by a shady entryway or near your patio. You’ll want your Peach Blossom ...
  • Astilbe Collection, 8 Pack
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    Bring color to your shade garden. A low maintenance perennial that creates a season long ground cover with colorful plumes amid the green foliage. This collection contains the classic colors of red, pink, white, and dark pink.

  • Hosta Mixture, 3 Pack
    More Details This Hosta assortment is full of popular varieties and provides plenty of texture and color yet needs little care. Mildly fragrant purple or white trumpet-shaped flowers are carried on graceful panicles that rise above the attractive foliage. In mid-summer tall spikes bearing fragrant bell-shaped lavender flowers appear amid the mounds of foliage. Easy to care for and grow, they rarely need dividing. Try them as the center plant for a distinctive touch in a container ...
  • El Nino Hosta, 1 Pack
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    This midsized hosta has very thick, pointy powder-blue leaves with streaky white margins. Pale lavender flowers appear in July. Intensely Blue-green leaves which are greyer towards the bright white margins which are wider on older plants. A striking hosta with a very neat appearance.