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    Rubber Garden Shoes For Women

    Rubber garden shoes are the way to go if you want to have dry feet and sturdy footwear that you can literally hose down at the end of the day. 
  • Dryshod Women's Sod Buster Garden Shoes
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    A great garden shoe whatever the weather. The WIXIT Cool-Clad™ airmesh lining wicks away moisture to keep your feet cooler and more comfortable in warmer temperatures. Slips on and off with ease. And the sole has a reinforced tuckboard with steel shanks for stability and safety (awesome for tough digging). No PVC, PU, or TR — just genuine, hand-laid natural rubber.

  • Unisex Garden Clogs
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    We searched high and low for the perfect garden clog and finally found it, in that mecca of shoe design - Italy. They're hard-wearing, watertight, and most of all comfortable and supportive. You'll still be wearing (and loving!) them 20 years from now!

  • Unisex Traditional English Garden Shoe
    More Details Garden clogs are all the rage, but what if you prefer a subtler, more streamlined style? These versatile Unisex Traditional Garden English Shoes are made for you. The slim, slip-on styling lets you dash out the door for a quick harvest, or trek to town to pick up bird seed or another tray of annuals. What's more, the durable PVC construction is so flexible and supportive, you'll happily wear them from dawn to dark. Thick, ...
  • Women’s Joules Flip Flops
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    Slip on these flip flops and head outside. Perfect for a quick stint in the garden, letting out the dog, or running about town. Fresh designs make these extra fun for summer wear — you'll want one in every color!

  • Women’s Joules Short Sneaker Wellies
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    A sneaker-inspired rain boot, with a rubber sole and a pull tab for ease of getting them on and off. Comfy enough for your morning commute or for rainy weekend trips into town.

  • Women’s Joules Tall Welly Boots, Navy Stripe
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    Wherever you’re headed in soggy weather, these nautical-striped women's rain boots will make sure you stand out from the crowd. Natural rubber upper with integrated, slip-resistant sole and adjustable back gussets.

  • Women’s Joules Tall Welly Boots, Navy Floral
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    Wherever you’re headed in soggy weather, the styling and hand-drawn print of these women's rain boots will make sure you stand out from the crowd. Natural rubber upper with integrated, slip-resistant sole and adjustable back gussets.

  • Women’s Joules Ankle Height Welly Boots
    More Details These shorties slip on and off quickly as you buzz around doing your chores: collecting flowers from the garden, zipping out to the mailbox, feeding the chickens, walking the dog, or making a grocery run. Bee-decked 100% rubber upper features an integrated sole so you don't have to worry about any leaks. Aggressive tread also means you're less likely to slip on slick surfaces or get stuck in any mud. Pull tab on the back. ...
  • Peips Eco Garden Clogs
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    Once you slip these clogs on, you may never want to take them off! Waterproof, recycled rubber with an aggressive tread for dependable traction — perfect for weeding, raking, harvesting — even a run to the store! Removable jute insoles are microbial, naturally insulating, absorbent and washable (note: insoles contain latex).

  • Birkenstock® Super Birki Clogs
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    If you've ever owned a pair of Birkenstocks, you understand why they have such a loyal following. If you haven't, then this is the perfect shoe to get acquainted with. Quite possibly the most comfortable garden clog on the planet, it won't slow you down or hold you back! Sturdy, supportive, and twist-resistant with a non-skid sole. Goes well from garden to store too!

  • Women’s Joules Roll Up Welly Boots
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    Roll up a pair of these boots and tuck them into your car, garden bag, or wherever inclement weather might necessitate a quick change of shoes. Super lightweight, yet just as waterproof and durable as a traditional rain boot.

  • Women’s Joules Mid Height Welly Boots
    More Details Embrace rain, mud, and murky puddles with these hard-working wellies. No-nonsense rubber exterior is integrated into an aggressive sole to keep you steadfast on slick surfaces. Neoprene lining brings comfort and warmth, and a sweet plum stripe on the back seam adds panache. If you have "athletic" calves, you'll love the mid-shin height of these boots. Whether you need to run to the store in a rainstorm, tend to your garden after a downpour, or ...
  • Women’ No Fly Zone® Socks, Boulder
    More Details Durable and comfortable women's merino socks are infused with safe and effective insect protection that repels annoying biting (and possibly disease-transmitting) insects — before they crawl up your legs. No Fly Zone® Insect Repellent Technology incorporates permethrin as a contact repellent to protect against mosquitoes, ticks, ants, chiggers, fleas and midges. Permethrin is similar to the naturally occurring pyrethrum insect repellent found in certain daisies. Merino wool wicks ...
  • Dryshod Women's Barnstable Mid Boots
    More Details Keep your feet happy when you're doing outdoor chores. This superior boot has an aggressive non-slip sole, has a comfort range of -10°F to 75°F, a removable molded EVA sock liner, and a steel shank for added arch support to prevent foot fatigue when digging. A water-repellent, roll-down calf pipe helps beat the heat and keeps your legs from getting soggy in wet weather. Sturdy pull-tabs help you get them on and off. No PVC, ...
  • Kujo Yardwear Garden Shoe
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    The lightness of these innovative garden shoes hide their toughness and comfort. Outsole is waterproof to keep your feet dry. Cushioned EVA footbed prevents fatigue; lining is antimicrobial. Mesh upper is water-resistant, allows airflow and provides the flexibility of athletic sneakers.