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    Row Cover

  • Super Hoops, Set of 6
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  • All-Purpose Fabric, 6’ x 50’
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  • GardenQuilt Cover 6’ x 20’
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  • 6’ x 6’ Shade Net
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  • Row Garden Cloche
    More Details This durable cloche creates a mini-greenhouse that helps warm the soil and protects a row of plants from harsh weather. That means you can start planting earlier in spring and extend the season into fall. More attractive than fabric row covers, it keeps birds, cats, dogs, rabbits and insect pests away from plants, too. Adjustable vents at each end help prevent overheating. Lift the cloche using the handle on the top for easy access to ...
  • Row Shelter Accelerator
    More Details Garden row covers protect transplants from cold temperatures and chilly winds, so you can set plants out in the garden weeks earlier in spring. You’ll be amazed at how much faster plants grow — which means an earlier harvest! The top is made from mesh to allow warm air to escape, preventing overheating, and it also lets water in. Made from durable, reinforced greenhouse fabric. Sets up in seconds; flattens for easy off-season storage. Loops ...
  • 3-Season Plant Protection Tent, 3’ x 6’
    More Details So many threats to your precious garden plants — but this ingenious tent defeats them all! In spring and fall, the reinforced greenhouse cover creates a micro environment for your plants to protect them from cold and wind. In summer, replace the greenhouse cover with the net cover to block ravenous bugs. And both covers keep birds and hungry beasts — even deer — at bay. Three zippered doors let you easily tend and harvest. ...
  • Pop-Up Tomato Accelerator
    More Details Mini-growhouse protects tomato transplants from cold temperatures and chilly winds, so you can set plants out in the garden weeks earlier. You’ll be amazed at how much faster plants grow — which means an earlier harvest of your first juicy fruits! Set it up in seconds: Release the toggles and it pops open, ready to place over plants. We made it extra large ​— 18" in diameter and 28" high — so you can leave ...
  • Summerweight Garden Fabric, 12’ x 20’
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    Ideal for summertime pest control, this garden cover effectively screens out Japanese beetles, potato beetles, cabbage worms, leaf miners, carrot flies and most vine borers. It transmits 85% of the light to your plants without allowing heat build-up, and it provides frost protection down to 28° F.

  • Protection Frame & Covers, 2’ x 4’
    More Details Create a protected micro climate for plants in your 2' x 4' bed. You can start planting earlier in spring and extend the growing season later into fall for an even bigger and better harvest.The frame installs in minutes. Then add the reinforced polyethylene, vented greenhouse cover to shield plants from harsh weather. When the weather warms up, replace the greenhouse cover with the free micro-mesh insect cover to fend off hungry pests. Both covers ...
  • 3-Season Plant Protection Tent, 4’ x 8’
    More Details This 3-season protection tent is designed to fit right inside our Vermont-made 4' x 8' cedar raised beds. The greenhouse cover keeps plants warm on cooler spring and fall days, provides 70% light transmission, 40" of head room at the peak, and has roll-up end windows for ventilation. A second cover protects against ravenous summer bugs and scorching sun. Three zippered doors on each cover provide easy access for tending and harvesting. Tie-downs secure the ...
  • Tree Zip Cedar Jacket, Medium
    More Details Drying winds, heavy snow, freezing rain, road salt and nibbling animals all spell trouble for evergreen shrubs. Protect your landscape investment by zipping up shrubs in cozy jackets! Sized to fit narrow, upright shrubs, including cedars, junipers and cypress, these covers are easier to install than cumbersome burlap and more attractive, too. Use multiples to protect an entire hedge. Fabric is permeable to water and air and resistant to mildew. Durable polypropylene with UV-protection. ...
  • Burlap, 3’ x 48’
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    This heavy-duty, 7-ounce burlap will protect your valuable landscape plantings from harsh winter weather. It allows your plants to breathe freely and shields them from winter wind and sun, heavy snow, ice and salt damage.