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    Resin Garden Statues

    Discover the durability and beauty of a garden statue made of resin. It's lightweight yet durable, for years of enjoyment in the landscape. 
  • Graceful Angel Garden Statue
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    Our angel's sweeping wings offer protection and bring peace to all in her presence. Give your garden, poolside or buffet table a romantic centerpiece. Cast in quality designer resin with an antique stone finish.

  • Crouching Angel Garden Statue
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    Upswept wings and crouching posture create a powerful centerpiece in your garden or home. Her elegant form resembles the work of 18th-century artists that added grace to public and private gardens and buildings throughout Europe. Created from quality designer resin with an antique ivory finish.

  • Kneeling Fairy Garden Statue
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    At nearly 1-1/2 feet tall, this garden fairy statue lends a magical presence to your landscape with her lacy butterfly wings, flower-wreathed curls, delicate fingertips and detailed flowing garment. This exquisite sculpture is from the studio of renowned artist Evelyn Myers Hartley, and is cast in high quality designer resin with a hand-painted antiqued faux stone finish. Durable, weatherproof material is suitable for outdoor display in all seasons.

  • Zombie Garden Statue
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    Imagine the surprise, horror and laughter when your visitors find a life-size, gray-fleshed zombie clawing his way out of your garden! His eerie, haunting eyes will follow you as he struggles from his grave. So realistically sculpted that you'll swear he moves. Every grotesque detail is captured in quality designer resin. Arrives in three pieces.

  • Catch Of The Day Bear Statue
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    The spirit of the wild bear is captured majestically in this garden statue, perfect for the edge of a pool or pond. This master angler is cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted to capture every detail of fur, fin and claw in mid-catch!

  • St. Francis Statue, Large
    More Details With playful woodland birds and squirrels in tow, this delightfully detailed statue of Saint Francis of Assisi invites a peaceful calm to your garden sanctuary. This classic sculpture has exquisite detail, from his benevolent expression to the cross hanging from his belt. At more than three feet tall, this impressive sculpture is cast in high quality designer resin and finished with a durable faux stone surface that protects the piece for enjoyment in all seasons ...
  • Emmett Gargoyle Statue
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    Emmet the Gargoyle will greet visitors with a bemused smile from his perch in the garden or on an entryway shelf. Gargoyles boast a long European lineage as roof ornaments, downspouts and protective spirits. Our humorous fellow is cast in quality designer resin with an aged and weathered dark greystone finish.

  • Standing Big Rack Buck Deer Statue
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    Sure to be the most striking animal silhouette in your year-round landscape, this lordly stag with his majestic set of antlers, is scaled for prominent display. Cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted. This buck makes a wonderful gift for any sportsman or nature lover.

  • Friendly Ent Tree Face
    More Details Every visitor will smile with surprise and delight when they see the artistic face of the Greenman spirit on your tree. Created by British artist Liam Manchester, the flexible rubber-composite mask was inspired by childhood tales of magical forest trees coming to life. Images of the forest spirit have been around for centuries, guarding the secrets of the trees and imparting wisdom to those who seek it. Bring his wise spirit to your own garden ...