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    Pond Algae Control

  • Submersible Dispenser
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    Keep pond water fresh and crystal clear the way nature does, with the cleansing power of beneficial bacteria and enzymes. This discreet dispenser submerses in your pond, and releases a 100% natural water clarifier 24 hours a day for a full month. It breaks down organic matter that clouds water, reduces excess nutrients and prevents mineral buildup.

  • Biodegradable Aquasphere, 1/4 Acre
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  • Blast, 2,500 Gallon, 5 Packets
    More Details If your pond is occasionally troubled by algae blooms or accumulated organic debris, here’s a way to quickly restore its natural beauty. Blast is a proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria that breaks down the organic matter that causes cloudy water, transforming your pond from slimy mess to clear and fresh. The ingredients are nontoxic and safe for fish, pets and aquatic plants. Blast 2,500 Gallon is sized for smaller ponds and water features. It contains ...
  • Submersible Refills, Set of 4
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    These submersible pond-cleaning refills use naturally occurring, beneficial bacteria and enzymes to remove the source of pond problems by breaking down organic waste and reducing excess nutrients present in the water.

  • BioCare® AGO Mosquito Traps, Set of 2
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    This smart system lures in female mosquitoes looking to lay their eggs, but never lets them get to it! Instead, they get trapped inside an inner capture chamber. Easy setup: fill each bucket to the mark with water and add some hay or grass — the mosquitoes will find it irresistible and you'll be on your way to a bite-free summer.

  • Sticky Replacement Boards for the BioCare® AGO Mosquito Trap, Set of 2
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    Don't be caught unprotected — stock up on replacement glue boards for your mosquito trap ahead of the biting insect season!