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    Plant Hangers

  • Adjustable Grow Light Hangers, Set of 2
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    Hang your grow lights just about anywhere! The carabiner-style hooks have a spring-loaded gate to safely hold lights with no chance of slipping. And a slide clip system allows you to adjust the height of your lights to suit the height of your plants. Set of two hangers; holds one light fixture.

  • Fairfield Window Box Brackets, Set of 2
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    These elegant curved brackets look just like real wood, but they're made from high-quality polyethylene so they're easy to clean with a simple rinse from the garden hose. They attach easily to the Fairfield wall mount supports and add a beautiful finishing touch. Includes two decorative brackets and four screws for easy installation.

  • Waxed Amaryllis Hanger
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    Simple yet supremely clever, this reusable wire hanger hooks to the coil base embedded in every variety of our waxed bulbs, so you can grow your blooms as we did — upside down. Be the host who gets talked about the most this year! Try several with a variety of bulbs for a truly unique arrangement.

  • Center Basket for Four-Arm Hanger
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    If you already have one of our Four-Arm Plant Hangers, add this center basket to create an even more impressive floral display on your deck or patio.

  • Lechuza® Balconera Window Box Brackets, Set of 2
    More Details Specially designed for mounting Lechuza® Balconera Cottage Window Boxes (sold separately) to a railing or wall. Brackets slide into openings in the bottom of the planter so brackets don't show in front. Mount one part of the two-part brackets to the railing and add the other part to the planter box, then slide them together — or apart — for easy mounting and maintenance. Lechuza Brackets are engineered to fit in seamlessly with both the ...
  • Achla Designs Square-on-Squares Pylon
    More Details The Square-on-Squares Pylon is a unique three-sided trellis topped with a large bowl-shaped basket. This large trellis makes a striking impression, with or without climbing plants. The generous basket includes a jute liner that can hold a large container or be planted directly. Fill the wide basket with cascading blooms and welcome guests with a fountain of color at your garden entrance or drive. The Square-on-Squares Collection features a distinctly contemporary aesthetic of clean, simple ...